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  1. fishstiq

    Odd times for ribs

    It does help, thanks! I knew what it was, but didnt know there was a name for it.
  2. fishstiq

    Odd times for ribs

    When you guys say you want some "bite" to your ribs.... I like my ribs to stay on the bone when they are cut apart. I like to have to grab the meat with my teeth and tug a little, and then have it come off, leaving a clean white bone behind. Is this "bite"?
  3. fishstiq

    Baby back ribs!

    Bevis, what did you end up doing (time and temp?) And how did they turn out?
  4. fishstiq

    Pork Butt, updating in real time

    Pulled... Plus twice smoked spuds and some butternut squash...
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  10. Pork Butt, updating in real time

    Pork Butt, updating in real time

  11. fishstiq

    Pork Butt, updating in real time

    Decided to create an account instead of just lurking, and now that I posted my introduction its time to get to it! Seemed like a good day for pulled pork, so I thought I would try posting it up as I go. Sorry if this post is crap, never done this before... Here goes! Butt, all trimmed up...
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  17. fishstiq

    Hello from Washington

    Hey all, long time listener first time caller here!  I've been lurking and learning here for a while now, maybe close to a couple years.  I decided it was time to stop just soaking up info, and that I should start trying to contribute a bit and maybe help someone the way others have helped me...
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