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  1. drewhanbe

    Small Brisket Flat

    My bad I just saw 4 hours.
  2. drewhanbe

    Small Brisket Flat

    How long has it been on? What kind of smoker? Stick burner? Charcoal? Possible to over smoke.
  3. drewhanbe

    Wedding Cook

    OK... thanks guys!!
  4. drewhanbe

    Wedding Cook

    Bought and smoked nearly 60 lbs of pork butts. I'm guessing this will be fine for feeding 80 to 100 at a wedding reception??
  5. drewhanbe


    Ok. Thanks guys. Now I'll know what to expect!!
  6. drewhanbe


    You last 2 guys are looking at it from an eating standpoint, not a competition standpoint. And you would be absolutely correct if only looking at it that way.
  7. drewhanbe


    Just got my WSM and did a dry run today. Am cooking a brisket tomorrow night. Get great smoke rings on my Lang, but on YouTube videos I've been watching, it looks like people are having trouble getting smoke rings with the WSM and some even comment about it. Is anyone else having this trouble...
  8. drewhanbe

    New Lang 60

    Congrats on the Lang!! Got my 48 Deluxe this past spring and love it. I find my cooktimes are GREATLY reduced over my Walmart special due to reverse flow and thick steel that holds heat. Enjoy that thing!!!
  9. drewhanbe


    Welcome DonD. I'm fairly new to this forum also, and many a good people on here with great knowledge and tips. Speaking of spices, Sam's Club is a great place to buy bulk size spices for under 10 bucks. Tones brand, amongst others. Good luck with all your cooks. BTW, I'm a beer salesman so...
  10. drewhanbe

    New member WSM smoker

    Welcome, Skeeterproam. I just ordered a WSM myself!! Pick it up tomorrow....can't wait!! I also have a Lang stickburner, but was looking for a different cooker for when I do parties and such. The WSM is gonna be a fun toy, putting meat on and having it cook all night, and us rejoining the cook...
  11. drewhanbe

    Not "NEW" but took a break now I'm back

    Welcome back!!! Ain't it great to be back??? Kinda like living up north and putting the boat in the water for the first time in the spring..... So yes, let's get smoking!!!
  12. drewhanbe

    Weber Kettle

    Update....After watching many many YouTube videos and reading as many reviews as I could find, I became a huge fan of the WSM. Ordered a 22.5 the other day, and it will be here Tuesday!!!
  13. drewhanbe

    Weber Kettle

    Great ideas. Thanks guys!!
  14. drewhanbe

    Weber Kettle

    Ok tks Mike!!
  15. drewhanbe

    Weber Kettle

    My Lang is gonna be filled with butts for a cook soon and need to do 2 briskets. Was wanting a kettle 22 anyway, but can I get 2 12 pounnd ish briskets on the kettle and still go inderect? Wasn't wanting to waste my money on another Char Broil just for this, but since I used to have one, I know...
  16. drewhanbe

    New from Western N.C.

    Yes, nothing wrong with finishing in oven. I must say, I started a few years ago and got hooked!! I sold a jet ski and bought a Lang. Check em out online. Still in awe of how efficient it cooks, if you like offset stick burners. I love em. My cooktimes greatly reduced due to the reverse flow...
  17. drewhanbe

    New from Western N.C.

    Welcome to the site Scott. Your temp sounds about right. The temp you smoke at will be what determines how fast your meat temp rises. By now you've probably hit The Stall and slowed down. Did you wrap in foil? Or gonna go all the way without wrapping?
  18. drewhanbe

    Rate of pay

    Great idea. I will call. Tks!!
  19. drewhanbe

    New to smoking from the UK

    Welcome Dave. I started on a cheaper Smoker also and they can cook great meat!! They are really susceptible to wind killing your cook. Was it windy? I have let my cheap Smoker get too hot at times and didn't affect my cook the way the wind does inside the chamber. I'm thinking lack of heat in...
  20. drewhanbe


    My stomach just got mad at me for looking at this and started to growl!!
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