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  1. pantherguy

    Bone-in Brisket

    Hey All, I opened my mouth and am now in charge of smoking some meat for our family Christmas on Friday. I'm going to do a pork shoulder and brisket, which I've done before. However, I usually buy the preseasoned brisket from my local market and it's turned out great but I was there last night...
  2. pantherguy

    Smoking Day Before

    We're having a party on Saturday night and now something has come up during that day that won't allow me to smoke a brisket and pork butt that day. I have Friday off so I was thinking about smoking them that day but didn't know the best way to go about. Should I smoke the brisket to ~190 on...
  3. pantherguy

    Pork Loin & Brisket Together

    Thanks for the replies. I double checked and I guess the pork loin is 6lbs, which shouldn't make a big difference on cooking time. I plan on pulling them off and then wrapping them right before golf. We're playing at our local CC, which will not be busy, so I'm thinking it would rest in the...
  4. pantherguy

    Pork Loin & Brisket Together

    I am planning on smoking a 5lb pork loin and 5lb brisket tomorrow. Is the general rule of thumb about 1.5 hrs per lb. for both cuts of meat? Obviously, the brisket will take longer so I'm trying to get my timing down on when I should throw the loin on so they both finish around the same time...
  5. pantherguy

    Pork Loin Advice

    Sorry, it's a Masterbuilt electric smoker. Thanks for all the info, it's much appreciated.
  6. pantherguy

    Pork Loin Advice

    I've done some smoking but mainly small stuff just for the family. I've got about 20-30 people coming over this weekend and need some advice. I've got a 10 lb pork loin and a 5 lb brisket. First thing, I'm wondering if I should cut the pork loin in half before smoking or just leave it in the 10...
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