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  1. candurin

    Buying meat online?

    Just looking for any recommendations for online purchasing of meat (racks of ribs, packers, busts, etc.)? Our local butcher is an hour away and our local Walmart, sams club and grocery stores are still a zoo and simply are not offering 10lb+ cuts for whatever reason. Any suggestions would be...
  2. candurin

    Looking to upgrade my game - your thoughts?

    I’ve had a MES 40 for 5 years now (gen 2.5) and it gets a lot of use. We’ve really been enjoying all the food and now we’re ready to step it up. I think I have it narrowed down to Yoder YS480, RecTec Stampede (590) orCampChef WW240. We’re a family of 4 and don’t see us cooking more than 30lb...
  3. candurin

    Javelin Pro - $46.40 on sale!

    Was looking for a good instant-read thermometer. Saw all the rave reviews about the thermapen and this seems very close in temp range, accuracy and options to that thermometer. Lavatools is offering 20% off, as of today. For less than half the price, I ordered it and will give it a try...
  4. candurin

    PP Help!

    Happy Saturday all! Put my 7.5# butt in last night at 10pm.  At 11:50am now, butt is only at 145.  Smoker temp has been between 220 and 240 all night. My Maverick probes are spot on (212 in water for both probes). Any ideas why it's taking so long??
  5. candurin

    My VERY FIRST smoke - with QView

    OK, with a lot of help and hand holding from this thread: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/110875/amnps-incorrect-smoke-or-paranoia/20  , I managed to go at my very first smoke, a 7.5# Boston Butt. Smoker all set to go: I made a rub (no idea what I put in it, used a bit of each recipe I've...
  6. candurin

    AMNPS - Incorrect smoke or paranoia?

    Todd, All, I am using my AMNPS for the first time for my first ever smoke today (7.5# Boston - will have QView up when done). I just want to make sure my AMNPS is working properly.  I have a continuous smoke going (mixed 1cup cherry and 1 cup hickory) but it seems like a lot of smoke and I...
  7. candurin

    Really glad I found this board!

    Hi All, just wanted to officially announce myself.... It's been tough just lurking (intensely!) for a week. My wife just purchase the analog MES 30 (the one with the legs on the bottom) for me for father's day.  We're down in South Jersey, near A.C. I've already posted a few ?'s in the...
  8. candurin

    New to smoking... Just a few ?'s

    Hi All, been lurking around here for an entire week.  My wife got me a smoker for father's day (the MES 30 Analog - http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/products/masterbuilt-electric-analog-30).  She got it for $90, so we'll squeeze every dime out of it.  We're located in South Jersey, near Atlantic...
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