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  1. drewed

    Drewed's 22.5 WSM thread

    Here are my ongoing successes and fails with my 22" WSM. Brand new and so pretty.  Just think of all the good "Q" potential sitting here. Kind of makes old "hot head" look a little scuzzy
  2. drewed

    22.5 WSM or Brinkmann Heavy Gauge Smoker with Off-Set Firebox

    So I've pretty much it it down to between two smokers. A large WSM or the Brinkmann Heavy Gauge Smoker with Off-Set Firebox. The WSM is a WSM, not much needs to be said there. What else needs to be said. The brinkmann has the ability to add wood/ fuel to the fire with out opening up the...
  3. drewed

    Partial fail, but a plus in the end

    The wife wanted ribs. My little charbroil was to have its first smoke with ribs. . Pan loaded with charcoal and water pan installed and beans going in too. Auber controller installed and rain gear installed. . Had real trouble keeping the think up to temp. Ended use up changing to a...
  4. drewed

    Adding a fan and Auber to ECB(ish) 2 door

    I'm going to add my Auber fan to my new 2 door ECB ( Charbroil ) 2 door charcoal smoker.  Easiest would be to mount it in one of the lower vents and tape over the others.  I was thinking however, what if I cut a hole for it nearer to one of the sides, would it then "swirl" the air and smoke?  DO...
  5. drewed

    Greenhorn in Wisconsin

    Hello, I recently got bit by the bug.  I've halfway hacked my 22 weber kettle with rotisserie into a sort of, but not really serviceable smoker.  I use an I grill for meat and cooking temp and attempt to keep it near 225 with an Auber +fan. So far I've done 2 pulled pork smokes ( one with...
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