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  1. smokedad

    cook chamber thermometer

    I am in the process of building an offset smoker, and I am to the point where I am going to start on the doors. I want to have a thermometer on the smoke chamber door to keep track of the temperature in the chamber. Does anyone have a suggestion for which thermometer is best to use for this...
  2. smokedad

    metal door question

    I am building an offset wood-burning smoker out of concrete block and brick, with fire brick in the fire box, and I am to the point where I need to start thinking about doors for the fire box and the where the meat will sit. Does anyone have any suggestions for what type of metal or thickness...
  3. smokedad

    converting gas grill

    I have a gas grill that bit the dust, and I was wondering if anyone has converted one to a wood-burning offset smoker. I believe the one I have is a Char-Broil classic 3-burner gas grill. I know you would have to cut a hole in the side and add a fire box, and add a chimney, but beyond that I...
  4. smokedad

    newbie wood questions

    I am in the process of building a brick smoker, which will be like an offset smoker, and I plan to use wood exclusively in it. I haven't used just wood for smoking as of yet, so I have a few questions. I was given some plum wood by a friend but I have never used it. Does anyone know if plum...
  5. smokedad

    newbie marinade maker

    I am looking for suggestions for a steak/beef marinade recipe. We have one that is on the sweet side that we like, but I am always looking for others to try. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. smokedad

    first time using wood for heat

    I normally use charcoal for heat when I smoke, but I am going to start using wood soon. I got some apple and maple wood from a friend who had their trees trimmed, so I had some questions on what to do with it for smoking. I have read that it is best to split the wood and let it dry for a few...
  7. smokedad

    wood newbie needs advice

    I am in the process of building an offset brick/concrete smoker, and I had some questions about using all wood for the heat and smoke, as I have never used just wood for smoking.  Right now I use charcoal as a heat source in my Weber kettle and add wood chunks or chips for smoke.  When my brick...
  8. smokedad

    brisket on the weber

    As a relative newbie to smoking, I had a few questions on doing a brisket.  I am planning to smoke my first brisket in the near future, and right now I am using a 22" Weber Kettle for my smokes.  With brisket taking such a long time to smoke, I was planning to use the minion or snake method for...
  9. smokedad

    buying a smoker

    I'm finally going to bite the bullet and buy a smoker.  I have been using a Weber kettle with charcoal for my smokes so far, but I would like to get a non-charcoal one.  I think I have decided to get an electric one, but since I have never owned a smoker, I am looking for advice on which brand...
  10. smokedad

    first attempt at fatties

    I ran across a few threads on fatties, and I think I would like to try one for my next smoke.  I would like to do a breakfast fattie with eggs, potatoes, cheese, bacon and maybe ham.  Do I need to cook the eggs and potatoes before I roll them up in the fattie? If I chose to put the bacon inside...
  11. smokedad

    first pork butt

    I smoked my first pork butt this weekend.  I had a 9 lb shoulder butt that I cut in half, and I smoked 1/2 of it on my Weber kettle with charcoal and hickory wood.  As this was my first try at pulled pork, I wanted this to be a baseline for future smokes, so I only put a dry rub on it and didn't...
  12. smokedad

    first time ribs

    I am finally going to try smoking pork ribs for the first time.  I have 2 racks of spare ribs that I am going to do with indirect heat on a Weber kettle using charcoal.  I will try to keep the cook temp to at least 225 throughout the smoke. I am leaning toward doing them using Smoking Al's...
  13. smokedad

    christmas pork loin

    I have been asked to smoke a pork loin for Christmas dinner.  I smoked one before the way Al has done it, in a pan of chicken broth with some rub on it, but I let the IT go higher than I wanted before taking it off the smoker so it wasn't as juicy as I wanted.  I have read in other posts of...
  14. smokedad

    sauce and rub ideas

    I am looking for suggestions for some sauces and rubs that I can make at home.  We don't care for the vinegar-based sauces in our house, but we do like tomato-based ones.  We like thicker sauces that are sweet but not overpoweringly so, with a little heat (I am a fan of more heat than everyone...
  15. smokedad

    smoking turkey

    With Thanksgiving coming up fairly soon, I am going to do a practice smoke run with a 10 - 12 lb turkey.  I plan on brining it overnight .  If you brine a turkey this size, is it necessary to inject it to keep it moist? I plan on using apple wood for the smoke.  Does turkey, or poultry in...
  16. smokedad

    advice needed

    I am a newbie to smoking, and while I love the taste of meat done over charcoal, I have been thinking about getting an electric smoker.  I have 3 kids who are all involved in sports or activities of some kind, and I don't always have time to babysit a charcoal smoker.  So I was looking for...
  17. smokedad

    kingsford charcoal smoker

  18. smokedad

    first time pork loin

    I am going to try smoking a pork loin for the first time, and I am looking for suggestions on the best way to do that.  I have a 5.09 lb center cut pork loin that has a layer of fat on one side.  I have a Weber 22.5" charcoal grill that I am going to use. I have seen lots of ways to do pork...
  19. smokedad

    smoking ham

    We love eating ham (like you would buy for Thanksgiving), and I was wondering what cut of meat I would need to get to be close to this type of pork.  I also would like to know what kind of prep work goes into this before smoking.  I have read some other posts on brining ham shanks, etc, for...
  20. smokedad

    smoking chicken

    I have never smoked chicken before but my family loves chicken so I want to give it a try.  I don't normally brine chicken before grilling it but I think I will after reading so many posts about how moist it makes the meat.  I have a few questions about smoking chicken: is there a basic brine...
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