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  1. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    I agree with ya, Dutch. I won't be using this method anymore.
  2. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    A friend picked up some of the latches for me but I didn't take the time to check them out yet. I'm glad to hear they will work. Thanks! Yes, its a galvanized tub. I put 6-8" of sand in the bottom and only hickory coals. There was essentially no heat, you could carry the tub with bare hands...
  3. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    In the pic's above is just over 100 lbs of summer sausage and 25 lbs of salami with cheddar cheese. We put together a make-shift smoke source and put the salami's on a short run of cold smoke. Inside temps of the smokehouse never got above 75*. The salami's first received a hot bath to an...
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  6. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    Those clamps are what I had in mind and I mentioned them to a friend who has a HF near him. He said that he didn't think they would open up enough for the door to clear. If they do, I would def. go that route.  Also, will they rust? Thanks for the compliments.
  7. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    What kind of door latch would be recommended?  I intend to add a seal of some sort to the door stops but am not sure what style of latch to use that would provide enough pressure against the seal.
  8. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    Getting a little closer to completion.
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  10. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    Progress up to this point. A buddy says its gonna be too small, and it very well could be, but I'll just have to build a bigger one if/when the time comes.  I think this'n will hold 200-300 lbs of summer sausage. Still have to do several things yet. I don't like the fence latch and it will...
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  14. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    Well, I've changed things up a bit since I've begun my project. I've built the walls using 2x4's instead of 2x2's. The outside dia. is a bit over 4'x4'. The dogear fence panels have worked very well for the outside covering, installed in a horizontal manner. First I planed the edges true, taking...
  15. bts smokehouse

    The "No Name" smokehouse

    Loking very good! Where did you get your temp. gauge?
  16. bts smokehouse

    new build....your opinions?

    I'm starting my smokehouse project this week and it will be very similar to the one I've linked to. Please post any comments or concerns with its design and function. The main difference mine will have, will be using 1x6's horizontally and adding more 2x's to the frame work to allow for this...
  17. bts smokehouse

    GOSM has arrived

    Hey Sqwib.  Your review is one of the main reasons I settled with the GOSM. I've read it a time or two and plan to make a couple mod's to mine such as add a drip pan and grease deflectors as well as a larger chip box, before I even fire it up for the first time. I likely would have gone with...
  18. bts smokehouse

    GOSM has arrived

    Thanks for the congrats!  Feel like its my birthday or sumpthin. Wonder what I should smoke first in this virgin unit?
  19. bts smokehouse

    Newbie from Missouri. Harry Trumans's home town.

     Welcome moondog, from another newbie from Missouri.
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