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  1. joshgrillinlawn

    Sparerib Saturday.

    Hello all, Decided that Saturday is a perfect day to make spareribs. I got two racks, with Famous Dave's rib rub. Smoking then with apple and hickory, my personal faves. I'm going to also try my hand at more traditional cooking, (which I actually do when I'm home.) A three cheese creamy Mack...
  2. joshgrillinlawn

    Hello from Oregon!

    Hello everybody, So I first joined this group a couple years ago and I haven't posted in a really long time. I used to live in NC but have moved back to Oregon, my home state. I cut my smoking teeth using a Weber kettle grill using the snake method. Then about a year ago I discovered the Slow n...
  3. joshgrillinlawn

    Maiden sparib voyage

    Hey y'all, so my dad's here from across the country, so I'm doing some spare ribs. I butchered em last night. Getting my fire going. I'll be posting qview!!!!
  4. joshgrillinlawn

    Practicing brisket with a chuckie.

    Hey y'all. Hope everybody had a great Christmas! I sure did. I picked up a 4.9# chuckie, I decided I'd do it brisket style, to practice for the day I actually smoke a brisket. So I set up the snake, I found a better way to set it up, which allows for the kettle to hold a lot more fuel...
  5. joshgrillinlawn

    Looking for advice on prepping the lid.

    I'm in the planning stages of building a UDS, basically till I can afford the hardware, ie valves bolts etc. My question is how can I go about prepping the lid? It has a two inch bunghole and a smaller one (maybe an inch) that I figure I'll use as exhausts. My issue is prepping the lid. It's too...
  6. joshgrillinlawn

    Boston butts/chuckies on sale at ingles!

    Hey y'all, man I'm stoked! Ingles had bone in chuckies, $2.98 a #. So I went in fighting to get a 6-10# chuckie. Well they only had 4#ers. So I grabbed one, but they have Boston butts $1.98 on sale! So I got out a there with a 4.62# chuckie and a 9# butt for under $30!!! Smoke on dudes!!!
  7. joshgrillinlawn

    I got a temp question

    So I've smoke about three different things using my weber kettle grill. The first time I smoked Ribs, and the temps ran all over the place. But since then I've smoked burgers and a Chuck roast, the grill hovered around 240-250. Is that acceptable for low and slow? I've been using the snake, or...
  8. joshgrillinlawn

    What's a good smoking buddy with ribs?

    Hey y'all, I'm planning on smoking some spare ribs on new years with Hickory and Apple wood chunks. I'm going to use the 3-2-1 method. The only thing is, my wife's not really a rib fan. So what kind of meat would smoke well with the ribs? Thanks, Josh.
  9. joshgrillinlawn

    Mesquite smoked burgers

    I'm gunna smoke a Chuck roast today with hickory and mesquite. I want sure if Mr our my family liked mesquite, so I thought why not smoke some burgers to see how we like it. I set my Weber Kettle up using the snake method (so far I've had excellent smokes using the snake method.). I put three...
  10. joshgrillinlawn

    Smoked Chuck roast

    Hey y'all, hope y'all had a great thanksgiving.. I'm planning on smoking a Chuck roast using my Webber 22.5" kettle, I'll set it up using the snake method. I really want to learn to smoke with mesquite and Texas style que! I figure I'll mix mesquite and hickory wood chunks. My plan is to smoke...
  11. joshgrillinlawn

    Grate hights

    Howdy y'all, I'm in the planning stages of building a UDS. I got the drum, and I'll probably just drill 3 1" holes and use magnets for the intake. So the question is, if I use a heart diffuser, would that lower the 24" difference from grate to fire basket? Thanks guys. Josh.
  12. joshgrillinlawn

    Baby back ribs!!

    Hey y'all, how's it going. My wife and I are gunna have date night tonight. So I'm gunna smoke baby back ribs for the first timev using the 2-2-1 method. I'm going to use the "snake" or "fuse" method. I'm planning on mixing apple chunks and hickory chunks. My one question. Since I'll only be...
  13. joshgrillinlawn

    Baby back ribs!!

    Hey y'all, how's it going. My wife and I are gunna have date night tonight. So I'm gunna smoke baby back ribs for the first timev using the 2-2-1 method. I'm going to use the "snake" or "fuse" method. I'm planning on mixing apple chunks and hickory chunks. My one question. Since I'll only be...
  14. joshgrillinlawn

    My first Weber!!!

    So a dude put a 22.5" Weber Kettle for sale on Facebook. Yesterday I picked it up. It's got the grates that lift up to add fuel. The guy actually was using his to smoke with and bought a new smoker. I'm just gunna clean it, season it and probably add a thermometer. And den we gunna smoke
  15. joshgrillinlawn

    Wood for fatties.

    Just curious, what kind of wood do y'all use on fatties? Thanks josh
  16. joshgrillinlawn

    Minion method on a kettle grill.

    Hey y'all, I've been considering using the mention method on a 18.5" kettle grill. The only thing is, all the videos, and other online articles are using a 22.5" grill. I guess I'm just wondering if there are any good videos of someone using a 18.5" grill? I just don't know how long I could...
  17. joshgrillinlawn

    Bacon wrapped pork loin chunk

    So I was fb surfing, and I ran across this. 4 cheese bacon filled pork loin cunk wrapped in bacon. Smoked. Man I thought it looks dang good.
  18. joshgrillinlawn

    Smoking a pork butt in a 18.5" kettle

    Hey y'all, I was thinking of smoking a pork butt this weekend in my off brand kettle grill. I was thinking of trying to use the snake method. Do y'all think it's even possible to do it. Also, what kind of wood chunks would y'all recommend? Thanks, Josh.
  19. joshgrillinlawn

    Grillin the old fashioned American burger!

    Hey y'all. I grilled my summer burgers today. I had a couple firsts. #1, I used lump charcoal for the first time. #2 I used a chimney for a first time. I liked the way it handled, although I was amazed at how quick it burned. I'm not sure how you'd have time to do something like bake...
  20. joshgrillinlawn

    A drum I can actually use

    Hey y'all. I finally found my drum. I had to take an extra half hour lunch break, but yeah. $25 got me a brand new unlined drum, clean with a lid that has a pair of bung holes. Looking forward to converting it into a smoker. Thanks, Josh.
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