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  1. muralboy

    Christmas came early - 24" Smoke Vault

    Hi everyone, It's been awhile since I've been on the forum. Hope all is doing well I found myself an earlier Christmas gift on Craigslist - $45, and she's in really great. Natural gas conversion already done. Looking forward to this being a part of my smoking arsenal. Plan on inaugurating...
  2. muralboy

    These ribs were just peachy

    Smoke a rack of pork ribs over the weekend while smoking the chuck roast burnt ends.  Pulled them from the smoker, wrapped in foil and let them cool down a little before putting them in the fridge. Last night pulled the package out and put in the preheated gas grill (in the foil) with indirect...
  3. muralboy

    Smoking in the rain

    I've been wanting to get back on the smoking trail after of few weeks of travels, but it sounded like the weather wasn't going to cooperate.  But where there's a will...stretch a small tarp over the pergola and bingo!  I'm ready to go. Decided to give Jeff's Chuck Roast Burnt Ends recipe a try...
  4. muralboy

    Everything's better with bacon - even bacon

    Hello once again.  It's been awhile since I've been able to spend time on the forum.  Life's been crazy with work and life - lots of traveling.  I missed you guys (and gals)! First time bacon.  Used a Cider Mill Brine recipe for the cure.  4 hours cold smoke with apple wood using the Big Kahuna...
  5. muralboy

    Leftovers are a beautiful thing

    "Leftover" beef ribs from the prime ribs roast a few weeks ago. Texas style rub and SV at 146 for 52 hrs. Flash chilled and on the grill with a Carolina bbq sauce. Beef was almost fall off the bone tender. First time making a mustard base sauce. This will be revisited
  6. muralboy

    Hanger Steak - hello to an old friend

    The first time I heard of hanger steak is when I was working in a slaughter house to pay my way through college. Saw them again during a recent trip to Restaurant Depot and got nostalgic. Seasoned with fresh ground s & p, then pressure vac marinated them in Ketjap sauce. Ready for the grill...
  7. muralboy

    Frankenburger - The son of Lucy

    My take on a Juicy Lucy.  1 Buffalo burger topped with bacon, a slice of pepper jack and provolone, topped with an 80/20 hamburger, topped with provolone.  Cold smoked for about 30 min and then grilled.
  8. muralboy

    First time Pork Belly / Bacon - hot or cold smoke

    After a successful run with smoked dried beef, I've worked up the courage to go after the pork belly in my freezer. Big question - Should I heat or cold smoke.  My pellet smoker can hold 160 degrees on the low side.  Or I fire up my Big Kahuna/Vortex cold smokers.  What method should I use...
  9. muralboy

    Custom blend pellets

    Smoke Daddy just announced their custom Vortex Blend Pellets.  You can choose your own blend and your own percentages of flavor. Example: 25% Charcoal, 25% Mesquite, 30% Cherry & 20% Pecan.  They offer charcoal, maple, apple, cherry, hickory, oak and mesquite...
  10. muralboy

    It's twins - First time prime rib

    My nephew put in a request for smoked prime rib, so I decided to give it a go. First go at PR so look to Bear's posts for guidance One pulled after 4 hrs at 120, the other pulled 1/2 hr later at 133. Both wrapped and in cooler until plating. Good stuff! !
  11. muralboy

    I knew i purchased this slicer for a reason

    I've been wanting to try dried beef for a long time - with 6 pounds of eye of round in my freezer, I decided to pul the trigger and try my first rounds of smoked dried beef. A simple cure rub of Tender Quick and brown sugar for about 12 days.  Rinsed the meat and in the fridge overnight.  ...
  12. muralboy

    The Haircut

    Blessed are those that can give without remembering, and take without forgetting. One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, 'I cannot accept money from you, I'm doing community service this week.' The florist was pleased...
  13. muralboy

    Need to start eating better when the wife is gone

    Had some marinated skirt steak left over from the night before, decided to do little surf and turf.  Put the steak on a skillet to warm up a little.  Removed, added a little EVO and then the shrimp seasoned with Penzeys Sandwich Sprinkle.   Meanwhile cut up the skirt and when the shrimp was...
  14. muralboy

    Whisky Glazed Steak

    Decided to give a new recipe a go.  Steaks marinaded in whisky glaze for about 45 min.  Steaks on gas grill and marinade brought to a boil and reduced.     Served over rice and lentils pilaf.  Another keeper
  15. muralboy

    First go at burnt ends

    Wife is in CO visiting her niece, so no hosting Easter here, but was invited to neighbors.  Wanted to contribute something so decided to make burnt ends from leftover brisket from an earlier packer brisket cook.  First go at this so didn't know I should have used the point vs the flat.   Cube...
  16. muralboy

    Time to go big

    I've done a few smaller brisket flats, so finally decided to go for more of a larger packer brisket.    Picked up a 13 pounder and seasoned it will Texas style rub, wrapped and into fridge overnight.  Put a couple of hickory logs on the Jenn-U-Wine-Jerry mod and fired up the grill to 225.  Once...
  17. muralboy

    Sous Vide Sirloin Tip - Jeff's Texas Style Rub

    Went looking for a tri tip without any luck but grocery had sirloin tip on sale for $5/lb.   Figured I would use the Anova Sous Vide to cook and then sear on gasser.  Mixed up some of Jeff's Texas style rub, little, EVO and a sprinkle of rub on the roast.  Vac sealed and in the fridge over...
  18. muralboy

    Venison Jerky even better when it's free

    A buddy gave me a 2# venison roast to make some jerky with.  Marinaded in my Yoshida's based marinade for around 12 hours and in the smoker for 4 hours at 160.   Couldn't make all that smoke for just 2# so did another 4# of london broil.  2# with the Yoshida's mix, 2# with a new idea using...
  19. muralboy

    Oops - i should have thought this one out

    Had some Three Alarm Pepper Cheese and red pepper cheddar cheese sitting in my fridge begging to be smoked.  Decided to use try out my Vortex pellet tray rather than the Big Kahuna. Removed the drip pan, loaded up the pellets, placed the Vortex on top of the deflector with the cheese position...
  20. muralboy

    Diablo Beef - The Stew Version

    Made a Diablo Beef about 1 month ago. With that one cook made sammies, tacos and nachos.  This week the last of the leftovers were used in a stew.  Perfect meal for a cold damp day.
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