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  1. crippledcracker

    8.5 lb Brisket

    8.5lb brisket from Costco smoked on WSM with water pan for 7 hours using flame boss temp controller at 225. Wrapped after 7hrs in tin foil and temp was in the low to mid 170s. Finished in the oven at 225. Started probing for tenderness at 200 and it was done. Let it rest for several hours...
  2. crippledcracker

    My Friend Brian Kavanagh

    A friend of mine passed away last year and I just wanted to share his sense of humor with you. His name was Brian Kavanagh and he pretty much wore flip flops and a bud light year round. You never would have know he had terminal lung cancer since he never complained and would be at the bar...
  3. crippledcracker

    40 lb Propane Tank Rotisserie

    Made this out of an old propane tank, scrap metal and stainless hardware. No welds. I tested its durability by flipping in down the driveway several times (not on purpose) and it held together quite well. The bottom of the firebox slides to let air in and ash out. I was going to build a pan to...
  4. crippledcracker

    Mini WSM clone

    Made this several months ago out of a 30 lb propane tank. Its seasoned like a piece of cast iron and called the turd for obvious reasons. Sucker gets hot! Lemon pepper on the left and kettle fried on the right.
  5. crippledcracker

    I sure is hungry!

    Got into some liquor, among other things, and apparently built this. Little bastard will fry up a good chicken wing or two. Think I'm going to try a brisket tomorrow. Wish me luck👍👍
  6. crippledcracker

    Mini WSM Rotisserie

    I use my mini several times a week and finally decided to put a rotisserie on it. Works like a charm!
  7. crippledcracker

    Brisket Pastrami

    First, I want to thank Smokin Al for the recipe. Cured this little guy for 11 days, washed off, coated with pepper and smoked for a few hours around 180ish. I bought myself a little sous vide machine so I decided to try it out. After the initial smoke, I vacuum sealed and sous vide for 36 hrs at...
  8. crippledcracker

    Small Brisket advice

    In the red corner,,,, weighing in at a whopping 3.75lbs,,,, Little Baby Brisket! Got this little guy at Costco a while back and not sure what to do with it? Should I treat it like a normal brisket and throw it on the smoker or should I do something else with it? Probably gonna throw it on the...
  9. crippledcracker

    Rubbed a couple of butts last night

    Rubbed and ready for the fridge Fired up the Traeger around 5:30am and put them on around 6:00am I will post more pics as the day progresses
  10. crippledcracker

    Cuban Fatty and Italian Fatty for Sliders

    Thawed out part of a pork loin and made Italian and Cuban Fatties. Gonna slice them up in little medallions and make sliders out of them tomorrow. Marinated both pieces of the loin in different marinades for 5 hours. The Cuban was marinated in orange juice, lime juice and vinegar. The Italian...
  11. crippledcracker

    New from Charleston, SC

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I've been smoking food for around 20 years now and still enjoy it as much as I did when I first started. Looking forward to learning some new things.
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