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  1. bngood


    thanks eric lots of food for thought lol gives me something to think about. nelson
  2. bngood


    can anyone tell me about how much broth to inject into a brisket i would like to try it that way because mine keep coming out dry .temp is 225 wrap at 170 out at 192 to rest,, maverick 732 is ok, temps in box are ok, they seem over cooked could it be because they are dry. smokin tex 1400. thaks...
  3. bngood


    hi all, happy mothers day to those that are. i was sittin here just wondering for the backyard smoker which smoker reins the best out of all which one is used the most, i thought it was a good ? electric,propane or charcoal.lets here some feed back please
  4. bngood

    thermo help

    hi , go to amazin products his name is todd and buy your self a mavrick et 732 . it has 2 probes one for meat one for smoker it also has a remote that works great . seems to be what everyone on the forum likes and me to. happy smokin
  5. bngood

    New to the forum world

    welcome to smf theres so much info here it will scare you it did me
  6. bngood

    interesting info

    thanks i would like that, i take it you have come across this problem before. thanks again nelson
  7. bngood

    interesting info

    hi all, as some of you no i have been having a lot of trouble with my masterbuilt propane,smoker i have been in contact via email with customer service . first they sent me a regulator then they sent me a door i put a seal on the door now they say i have a burner on the way.i had an idea and...
  8. bngood

    heat spike

    sorry its wood
  9. bngood

    heat spike

    is any body out there having trouble with the mb vert chip/chunk pan getting to hot with embers and causing the temp to spikedidnt think i was useing to much would it is what mb recommended but it gets to hot half way though any fixes out there. thanks
  10. bngood


    hi everyone, ? about heat stabilazation,would it be better to use sand in the water pan in the winter to hold heat a little  better than water. or am i full of bolonga
  11. bngood

    What does everyone think of Sam's club meats?

    buy my meat at sams in colorado springs its better than what you find at the normal stores and the price is pretty good as well
  12. bngood

    My last smoke

    sorry you lost your smoker.but glad your alive my sister lives in joplin too the rest of my family lives in cassville and there about i;m in colorado. but glad your ok.nelson goodwin
  13. bngood

    MY 2 K post

    hey sprky congrats on 2k big goal,im one of those noobs he talked about helped me with a few things
  14. bngood

    more room

    thanks pops i kind of thought that but didnt no for sure so thought i would ask thanks again
  15. bngood

    more room

    can you hang meat in a vert smoke like ribs and brisket in the whole form there to wide for mine
  16. bngood

    1st butt it worked despite all the problems

    oh had all kinds of good stuff, started with the snow in the pic hence double buubble couldnt get temp to settle in set on 225 look 5 min later would be on 250 or 210 never no think i might need a needle valve. then the wind came up, door leaks smoke and heat mb said they would send me a seal...
  17. bngood

    1st butt it worked despite all the problems

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