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  1. isaac

    I'm back, just smaller!!!!!!

    Hello all brothers and sistas. I came across a little tank and figured I hadn't built anything fun in a while, so I made a cottage mini reverse flow. 3 day build time. I'm painting it tonight and have the thermometer and lavalock on order. Enjoy.
  2. isaac

    Trailer model on the way.

    Hey guys. Last night I scored a 100 gallon 3/16" pressure tank and 2 60 gallon compressor tanks. Going to build the two little guys to finance my trailer build. These won't be as fast as my last build. Sorry, its a 180 gallon and two 60 gallon tanks
  3. isaac

    First brisket on my new smoker.

    Got a 10lb brisket, looked good. Shaved it down to a good fat cap, washed patted dry and left in the fridge over night. 630am smoker alight. 730 brisket on. Ran steady at 230-260f all day with minamal wood. Wrapped in parchment paper at about 12pm, It was about 155 and stalling...
  4. isaac

    Ok. Here we go again. Rf #2.

    Just want Dave to inspect my math and confirm all is good befor I start my build. I attached a pic of my calculations for ease of not typing on the phone. Thanks all.
  5. isaac

    Lang 36" knock off.

    Hey there guys. I've been smoking and making smokers for a few years with good success. My son has a project for school and it involves welding!!! I've made a reverse flow from scrounged parts and was great, although I was made a offer I couldn't resist, so it's sold. I want to make a copy...
  6. isaac

    To wood or not to wood, how is everyone running their rf offsets?

    Hey guys, i have question with regards to fuel, I have a fairly large RF offset i built myself, im used to using charcoal in a basket on my cheap little charbroiler offset i started with. now with my big one it takes soooo much charcoal and time to get it rocking. perhaps i should be using...
  7. isaac

    Buttermilk hot sauce marinade.

    I did a whole bird on the weekend with this marinade that turned out amazing. I find sometimes a salt brine changes the texture of the meat, this marinade produced a amazing bird. 4 cups buttermilk 1 cup Tabasco or equivalent 1tbs each pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and salt...
  8. isaac

    Choochanator 5000 is done!!

    Old hot water tank converted to a rf smoker. Dave was right on my door, i thought over sized air inlet would be better, i was wrong. now lets cook!!!!
  9. isaac

    Hope im on track

    Ok, so I posted a while back about starting my first rf offset, things are progressing well, I just want to check with some gurus about the opening from the fire box to the cook chamber. i still have yet to install the baffle plate but im concerned that the opening i cut may be to big? any...
  10. isaac

    Building my first RF Offset.

    So here we go. I found a cheap offset on the road one day, made a few mods to it, got good with it and consistently make great food. I'm ready for the next stage in my smoker life. I made a 18x18x15"h out of 1/4 steel with a 3/8 bottom fire box, and found a old hot water tank at the dump...
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