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  1. smokeyt

    Bday dinner

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  5. smokeyt

    Brisket at the Beach

    Man :drool those are going To make some amazing sandwiches over the next few days. Looks good brother
  6. smokeyt


    Welcome fellow smoker brother
  7. smokeyt

    Bday dinner

    Brisket is done. Hit and internal temp of 195. I pulled it off wrapped heavily in foil. And in the cooler with newspaper it went. It's going to get a good nap. Dinner ain't till 7
  8. smokeyt

    BB Ribs on a Cold Saturday

    Looks good! Can't wait to see the final product
  9. smokeyt

    Bday dinner

    Well I'm about 7 hrs in and I can say. It's been fun. The temp just now got above freezing. It still holding at 220-230 finally. Got the sun shining on it. Haven't lifted the lid as bad as I want to. The meat is temping at 176.6. Can wait to see the finish product :grilling_smilie:
  10. smokeyt

    Bday dinner

    My dad is a big sausage lover. I picked up some for him. Going to throw it on last.
  11. Bday dinner

    Bday dinner

  12. smokeyt

    Bday dinner

    The big weekend is finally here. My lil. brother requested BBQ for his birthday. I picked up a packed brisket from Walmart and a bone in shoulder. Guys we're talking about 22 pounds of meat 128525. Friday morning I trimmed and coated the brisket in the gospel by the meat church. Beautiful color...
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  16. smokeyt

    Brisket vs. Tri-tip

    Man you guys have a way of making someone feel bad. Brisket it is! It's what he wants!
  17. smokeyt

    Brisket vs. Tri-tip

    Now I know that brisket is king of the grill. My brother wants me to smoke a brisket for his birthday. But I thought about going with a tri tip what are y'alls opinion?
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