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  1. merkin

    Mac'N Fattie Updated

    I decided to put my kids lunch inside my fattie.  Rolled out a pound of hamburger and a pound of pan sausage.  Put in  mac'n cheese rolled her up all in the beautiful bacon lace.  I'll smoke it for a few hours had hopefully have some nice sliced pictures for you. I think next time...
  2. merkin

    Maverick ET-73 to Maverick ET-733 ?

    I bought a Maverick ET-73 I think it was around 25 dollars.  I've read great reviews on this site and others about Maverick products. This model obviously cuts cost at every corner.  With my first one the receiver stopped working after about 8 smokes. I received a new one with little hassle...
  3. merkin

    How long to put smoke to a turkey?

    I'm smoking a 13lb turkey today for dinner.  I was wondering how long you actually keep the smoke rolling while smoking the bird. Do you recommend the whole time I smoke it or just a few hours?  I'm using pecan wood and smoking at 250.  I figure it will take around 6 hours or so.
  4. merkin

    Amount of wood Chips?

    I'm smoking a 7# pork shoulder right now for pulling.  I've been adding a small amount of chips to the smoker as I mop the pork.  Then  it dawned on me that it may have been better to put a larger amount on less often.  Just curious at to what the more experienced smokers do.  I'm using soaked...
  5. merkin

    My first bird in my new smoker!

    This is the first bird I've done and it came out great.  I had some problems with knowing what temp I was actually cooking at and the bird temp any suggestions on thermometer would be cool.  Anyway I really just wanted to show off my first bird. Here  she is.  Oh I smoked the taters  too.
  6. merkin

    Hello my name Ty and I'm a smokaholic.

    Well, maybe not yet but I've been smoking on an open pit in my back yard for the last year.  I have  bought smoker (smoke vault 18") coming in tomorrow.  I'm planning on seasoning it and smoking some hot peppers and eggs.  I know ill have many questions but, I'll post pics of my smoke after I'm...
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