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  1. dauntless

    Thighs on da smoka

    Not competition style by any means but I brined, seasoned over night and let it rip. Smoked over lump and apple at 300 till they hit 160 then sauced, got the heat closer to 350 a d let it ride. Almost perfect bite through skin but not quite. I did not pull the skin back and scrape and butter but...
  2. dauntless

    First try at pastrami

    Grabbed a store bought corned beef and soaked in cold water for two days, changing water out every 4-8 hours. Rubbed last night and put it in the fridge. Took it out and smoked at 225 with hickory and apple using lump till 160. Wrapped in butcher paper with some tallow till 203. Let it rest and...
  3. dauntless

    Baby backs last night.

    Did a couple racks of baby backs at 225 using a modified 3-1-1 method wrapping in butcher paper. Flavor was spot on, very tender with just the right amount of pull off the bone. A little disappointed with color and lack of pull back but they tasted good just the same. Trying my first attempt at...
  4. dauntless

    Boneless short rib burnt ends, pork belly burnt ends and queso

    Did two types of burnt ends and queso for the fourth! Never tried ends from boneless short ribs but stole the idea from here. Did the whole smoke at 250 on my Char-Griller gravity. I still prefer the stick burner or my UDS but this thing does good work. Happy 4th all!!
  5. dauntless

    First time back in awhile. Help with some brisket ID

    Glad to be back. The navy sub life gets hectic sometimes and I forget to get on here while I’m smoking. A friend of mine got a quarter cow and brought over some “brisket” clearly it has been trimmed way down. It’s about 12”X7”x3.5” and weighs about 3.5 lbs. I’m trying to figure out if this...
  6. dauntless

    Need help with small brisket

    It’s been along time since I’ve posted. It’s hard to smoke meat when you’re underway on a submarine Haha. We recently Went in on a cow with three other couples so we ended up with a quarter cow. What was labeled brisket with what we got is what is shown in pictures. It’s only about 4 pounds and...
  7. dauntless

    Picnic Shoulder w/ Q-View

    It;s been a long time since I posted anything but I have been lurking all winter/spring long. Doing a Picnic for some PP tonight and after 5 hours I am at 165 and wrapped. There as been no stall yet at all, and the temp keeps climbing steady. Smoker is at 275 and has not moved from that spot...
  8. dauntless

    Reheating Pulled Pork

    I smoked a butt today for a party tomorrow. I pulled it tonight but I have to reheat in a crock pot tomorrow due to no space on the smoker tomorrow. What is the best way to make sure it does not dry out in the fridge tonight. I was thinking mixing in some of Jeff's sauce tomorrow in the crock...
  9. dauntless

    Butt, ribs and bass for kiddos birthday!

    Got a late start today so it's going to be a long one. Oldest and youngest are having a birthday party tomorrow and between the two the menus is large mouth bass, st Luis ribs (wanted baby backs but could not find decent ones) and pulled pork. I will update Qview as the next two days go on. I am...
  10. dauntless

    2-2-1 W/ Baby Backs

    Baby Backs were on sale at my local grocery store so I grabbed some and decided to smoke a rack on the AKORN yesterday. I planned on using the 2-2-1 method but actually went with a 2-1.5-.5 and they still came out to fall off the bone for me. I mean there was ZERO pull, the meat fell off even...
  11. dauntless

    Yesterday's Pulled Pork

    Did not get a chance to post this last night but here goes: I figured what better way to kick off a week of leave then to fire up the smoke and grab a couple cold ones. The day before I rubbed it with Jeff's rub and wrapped it in the fridge for the night. Meanwhile I made a fresh batch of...
  12. dauntless

    Been along time but back with a new CG Akorn Kamado

    I have not been on here in awhile, partly due to military schedule and partly due to my UDS being stolen out of the yard while I was gone. Well, I have had all the parts for another UDS except for the drum but when I saw Lowe's put these on sale for 269 plus my 10% discount I could not resist...
  13. dauntless

    Building grill/smoker out of Jeep parts

    My other hobby is restoring pre 72' CJ5's and I have some spare parts laying around. Has anyone made a grill or smoker out of the front of a vehicle? I am sure it has been done I just can't seem to find pics of someone doing it out of an old Jeep. I have several Hoods, fenders, and grills just...
  14. dauntless

    Marinating after salt bath

    Just curious if any of you have ever marinated after you did the kosher salt bath (covering in salt for awhile before rinsing them off). The wife picked up some large Sirloin cuts of steaks from BJ's, they don't look great but they are thick. Curious if i could marinate them after the salt...
  15. dauntless

    Fantasy Football Rib Smoke

    Tonight is draft night at our house so I was asked to smoke some bb's. Gonna be a small batch (just 3 racks). Might through some brats on for good measure but the chicken and burgers are going on the grill. Q View to follow as time goes on today. Figure a noon time start will be just fine. I...
  16. dauntless

    Gonna be an all nighter. PP, Baked Beans, ABT's oh boy!

    Well my folks are coming into town tomorrow so I am doing a bone in pork butt, baked beans, and a couplke abt's for the over night snacking.  I rubbed the butt with Jeffs rub, injected it a couple hours ago with apple juice, jack daniels honey, and some of the rub. I plan on spritzing it a...
  17. dauntless

    Just got back from a little cruise..time to smoke

    Been awhile - Just got back from cruising around in a 9 billion dollar yacht. Time for the first smoke of the year for me. On the menu: 3 racks of baby backs (jeff's rub) 1 fatty - pepperoni, smoked motzerella, peppers, onion, and tomato/garlic/pesto bruschetta 20 or so jalapenos stuffed...
  18. dauntless

    Got home from the Sub..say Cheese!!

    Left the Submarine behind for the weekend, time to fire up the UDS and smoke some cheese! Glass is full of some Buffalo Trace and I got some aged xtra sharp, provolone, and some pepperjack over applwood going right now. Figured I would pull at the three hour mark or so. That is all, not a very...
  19. dauntless

    First Cheese

    Been awhile since I posted (been away from home with the Military) so I figured what better way to start my first morning home with my first cold smoked cheese! NY Sharp, Med Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and some Muenster. Using Maple hard wood w/ apple and hickory, the grate level thermo on my UDS is...
  20. dauntless

    Back in Buisness after being away for a month

    I have been removed by from my family and my smoker due to Military obligations but I got to get home this weekend. Fired up the UDS and currently have a 9lb butt on, baby backs will go on in about 15 mins, then some ABT's to follow. Got some friends and family stopping by for the grub. Q view...
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