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  1. hawkiphan

    Pellet Smokers / Wood Fired Grills

    I would like to see that section too. I have a Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone.
  2. hawkiphan

    2012 Masterbuilt Smokers - NEW 30" & 40" Models!

    I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new MES 40s. I sold my MES 30 and I have been looking around at stores hoping to find the new style 40. I hope someone will post when they start seeing them in stores.
  3. hawkiphan

    Re-season my MES when i put in the new Wood Chip Retro Kit?

    How hard was it to install the retro wood chip kit?
  4. hawkiphan

    Very impressed with my new ET-732

    I bought the ET 732 and an AMMPS from Todd and I am enjoying both of those purchases.
  5. hawkiphan

    Traeger Texas 075 Woodpellet Grill/Smoker

    I wish you were a lot closer, I would love to have that smoker.
  6. hawkiphan


    Where are you located?
  7. hawkiphan

    A-MAZE-N Cyber Monday Deal - AMNPS + Maverick ET-732 = $89.98 Incl. "Free Shipping"

    Thanks for the great deal. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival.
  8. hawkiphan


    Thanks Bear. I really want one. I am trying to decide on that or the Maverick ET-73 for my next purchase. If I could just win the Amazn then I could buy the thermo.
  9. hawkiphan


    “The first thing I plan to smoke if I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest is my first brisket.” I have smoked many other meats but haven't had the guts to try a brisket yet.  
  10. hawkiphan

    Brown vs white sugar in rubs

    Do you substitute turbinado straight across for the other sugars? Thanks.
  11. hawkiphan

    Granulated onion?

    I will probably have to substitue. I have tried a HyVee, a Dahls and Wal-Mart and no luck on finding the granulated onions. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have been planning on going to get a coffee grinder but I think I will be doing it a little sooner now.
  12. hawkiphan

    Granulated onion?

    I am getting ready to try a recipe for a new rub and it calls for granulated onion. I can't find it in any stores around here. I can find onion powder and onion salt. Can I just substitute onion powder and if so what ratio? Are they interchangable or is one stronger than the other? Thanks for...
  13. hawkiphan

    Brinkmann Cimarron = New Braunfels Longhorn?

    I was having problems finding any Cimarron parts on google. Brinkmann only shows two parts available on their website. I was finally able to get ahold of a customer service rep from Brinkmann after trying several times and they do have some parts available.
  14. hawkiphan

    Stack mod pics, Thanks Texas Hunter

    For anyone who has ordered the convection plate from Horizon, did you order the 16" convection plate for the Horizon smoker or the convection plate that fits the OK Joe? Thanks for your help.
  15. hawkiphan

    Brinkmann Cimarron = New Braunfels Longhorn?

    I am looking for some parts from the Brinkmann Cimarron that I just bought. I need a front shelf and maybe a couple of other parts. I am having trouble finding these parts and I was wondering if the Longhorn is the same. There are parts available for the Longhorn and I was hoping it would work...
  16. hawkiphan

    Todays smoke!!!!!! Oysters and shrimp with Qview!!!

    That looks delicious. How long did you smoke your shrimp? Are they done when they change to the pinkish color? Thanks.
  17. hawkiphan

    Smoked Chicken Legs with Qview.

    Those are some good looking chicken legs. I never brine mine. I just put rub on top of and under the skin. Does the brine make a big difference? Do you brine for about 8-10 hours? Thanks.
  18. hawkiphan

    22.5 WSM!!!!!

    Thanks for the advice guys. For now I will have to be patient and use my MES 30. I will have to save up a little longer to get the 22.5.
  19. hawkiphan

    22.5 WSM!!!!!

    I am thinking of getting a WSM. I have a family of 4 and don't usually cook for large groups. Would I be better off with the 18.5 or wait a little longer and get the 22.5? Thanks.
  20. hawkiphan

    Smoked a few chicken 1/4's last Night

    I have been wanting to try pecan. Is it a mild wood? I usually use hickory, apple, or cherry and I have been wanting to try some other woods.
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