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  1. tjdcorona

    Low and slow or fast and hot ?

    Ive been doing everything low and slow - 225. I am now experimenting with hot and fast - 265-275 for ribs and the one rack I made was so much more tender than low and slow. Now I am gonna try a tri-tip today. Actually two- making one for a friends wifes Birthday. Rub is salt pepper / garlic/...
  2. tjdcorona

    Sunday - Tri-Tip, Pork belly and chicken Breasts

    Today Im making it all, but the hatch chile sausages I picked up. They all have different rubs on them, but the pic looks the same. Im putting in the belly first so I can have it as a snack, and then the trip tip and chicken breasts will be on for 6 hrs. I will take the chicken off and throw it...
  3. tjdcorona

    Tri-Tip Rub

    Team - Im looking for a good tri tip rub. What ive been using, and I like very much - is Black peper, salt, garlic, onion powder and chili powder. I use mostly pepper, with slightly less of an equal amount of salt, then the remaining sprinkled in, more or less. Anybody have something different ?
  4. tjdcorona

    Smoking Pork Tenderloin - Mozzerella Cheese inside

    Last weekend I made a Chgo style pizza and had mozzarella cheese left over. The wife doesn't like pork, but put cheese on it / in it - and shes in !! So, this is not a fatty meat, and doesn't cook very long - not even as long as ribs which cook 6 hrs - this will smoke for 2-1/2 hrs or so to an...
  5. tjdcorona

    Smoking a Bottom Round

    OK, I went to the store to look for something to smoke - ANYTHING ! I came across this piece of meat with 2 $4 off coupons - total is $8 so you don't need the calculator. So that brought it down to $14 for a 3.5 # of mystery meat. Its a Bottom roast - this comes form the rear leg of a cow, and...
  6. tjdcorona

    Smoking Pellets

    Which smoking pellets have worked out best for you? I just got a batch of cookinpellets.com......the Amaze-n pellets were very erratic
  7. tjdcorona

    Tri-tip amaze-n-pellet smoke in my Masterbuilt

    OK - I have not had much luck cooking tri-tips lately. They are eatable, but not FANTASTIC. Ive been taking them to 145 IT, but it seems like they don't get to where I like it - med rare - till 160. I will try hard again with the thermometer today. Heres the beginning plan - Put my own rub on...
  8. tjdcorona

    Brisket - Cooked to perfection on Electric Smoker Masterbuilt

     Many times I've seen where people have asked about smoking brisket and have it come out dry. It happened to me the first time and it will never happen again! The mistake people make, and me included was to cook it like another piece of meat to an internal temp of 165. That's the mistake! Here...
  9. tjdcorona

    Meat in Corona Area

    Anyone know where to get good beef ribs? Ive been counting on Albertsons - who used to be fantastic, but they have new butchers now and dont like to make beef ribs unless they make individual ribs (Who does that ? and how do you get the membrane off of them?) or they cut them up which is also...
  10. tjdcorona

    Smoking competitions

    Anyone know of BBQ events in SoCal for this year? or coming up?
  11. tjdcorona

    Smoking a Boneless Turkey Breast in the Masterbuilt

    I have not found much help in cooking a boneless Turkey Breast in the Smoker. I had nothing to smoke this weekend, so I decided to try something I never smoked before so I bought this bagged / netted turkey breast at the store last night. Its about 3# and should make some great Turkey...
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