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  1. rlk438

    Brisket vs top round roast

    A youth group is going to do a senior 65+ appreciation diner. We were talking about doing brisket. One person was telling me to just get good top round roast and use that. We are going for sliced not burnt ends. A photo I saw in the store add kind of look like a flat. But it was 3.69 a lbs. we...
  2. rlk438

    Joined the club today

    Got me a Mak 2 Star with Mak WIFI Get ready to install the wifi kit
  3. rlk438

    My winter smoke today with Q-view

    The temp and wind this morning. This is what she looked like. Kind of cold. Warmed up nicely. Right is alarm temp. Just in case things get to hot Pork butts and loin ready to go on Chicken with potatoes beside them going to try twice smoked potatoes Reheated some pulled pork on the smoker...
  4. rlk438

    Fired up the smoker this afternoon

    Fired up the smoker this afternoon. Smoked fish is done. Waiting on the chicken.
  5. rlk438

    Big smoke today

    Needed to resupply my smoked food for my diet. I have lost over 105lbs so far. In at S4L when I weigh in and show them Q view they give me a hard time that I eat too good on this diet. Well they tell me what types and amount I can have. Is it my fault that my wife and I are inventive on how we...
  6. rlk438

    Pecan wood

    I am by harrisonville mo. I have a guy that will cut up pecan tops. He wants to sell in BULK only. 4x16 face cord. Not split. I have power spliter. I can haul about 5 of the face cords at a time. Are there any stick burners in the area interested. He has a reasonable price a fc. I have to drive...
  7. rlk438

    Cool down food safety

    My smoker has 2 1000 sq inch racks. So I can do quit a bit of food at one time. I freeze some \ refrigerate and have diner for family. On the food I am cooling to reheat I want to make sure I cool it fast enough. I can over load my meat refrigerator. I have been putting ice packs one the zip...
  8. rlk438

    What type of tree is this?

    These are pictures of a leaf off a tree that has some little red berries on it there is a dead one beside it that has dried up berries that look the same. I can have the dead tree but don't want to take it and have it be no good for smoking. But if it was a wild cherry I have heard it would be...
  9. rlk438

    Storing some wood for smoking

    Friend had a pecan tree blow down I saw a wood storage house made out of pallets. But I have this semi trailer for storage. So I out RR ties down then put pallets on them under the trailer for air flow. But the trailer can be the roof over the wood. We got 2 rows of 4 pallets for total of 8...
  10. rlk438

    Hello who I am and 2nd smoke

    I am new to smoking. Am on a diet so am wanting to learn how to cook other than frying everything. Have 3 burner fryer setup. There are so many more options with smoking. Have to watch my salt so I am working on low salt low cal foods. I have 2 smokes under my belt now. First one wife didn't...
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