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  1. wdg

    Second boston butt

    6 hours 155 deg internal temp. Dumped & refilled coal pan, (ecb ash over load) last picks will be when I pull it off.
  2. 2 nd 001.JPG

    2 nd 001.JPG

  3. wdg

    Second boston butt

    O I forgot it is 5.40 lbs.
  4. wdg

    Second boston butt

    Put in smoker at 0930, outside temp 50 deg. Smoker temp 220 - 230. Internal meat temp 43, Rub down last night with jeff's rub wraped and put back in frig. Pic is just after putting in smoker, i wll up date pic. I    
  5. ECB smoker 004.JPG

    ECB smoker 004.JPG

  6. wdg

    First boston butt

    Was 6.75 lbs & took about 9 hours.
  7. wdg

    First boston butt

    Well here is my first boston butt, ihave smoked 1 brisket. Tks to all of you who have posted I have read alot & will read more. Pic below :)
  8. First bosten butt smoke 002.JPG

    First bosten butt smoke 002.JPG

  9. First bosten butt smoke 001.JPG

    First bosten butt smoke 001.JPG

  10. wdg

    First smoker

    Hello, I bought my first smoker several weeks ago (ECB), wife got two hens & I fired up the smoker & dried them bird out. we were still able to eat them. Had trouble with ash smothering fire down. (Time to do mod's) I signed up for this forum 4/12/09 and today is the first time I am able to...
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