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  1. rocor98


    To quote ... Johnny Castle ( dirty Dancing ) " No one puts Baby in a corner" Looks good nice and simple .. I built a full shelter for mine and raised it also .. I have cold winters and usually quite a lot of wind ... Need to paint it black .. So it looks like factory .. :-) Ross
  2. rocor98

    Latches for doors on smoker

    1 - 4 units ... Or more http://www.shopfnc.com/destaco/pullact.htm. Click on PDF for pull latch models ...... Usually on eBay :-) Dirt cheap , but china source ...
  3. rocor98

    MES window scraper

    19.95 plus shipping .. Has to be resharpened, and with out a guide many people not get it right , plus you still need to take along paper towel to clean up the scrapings .. I will stick with a piece of paper towel and pickling vinegar ( 2% more acid ) .. Cleans the window in a snap , and...
  4. rocor98

    Hello from St. John's NL, that's in Canada by the way...

    Few Newfoundlanders here ... Welcome to the Form .. I am on the west coast. .. Stephenville .. Transplanted from the main land in 1986 .. But had Newfoundland roots :-). .. If you need to find the odd thing .. I may have an established link .. Send me a PM .. Be happy to help you out .. Ross...
  5. rocor98

    Howdy from the "frozen" north

    Welcome to the form ... :yahoo: I sent you a PM with some Canadian facts .. I would recommend the MES 30 .. I have had great success with it , and have done almost everything with it ... It depends on what you want and time you have to supervise the process .. I went with MES for winter as I...
  6. rocor98

    Foiling Juice...Chef JimmyJ

    When I found this post and made the juice to sample I was committed to give it a try .. I have to report that I have used it on ribs and butts with fantastic results, but today I substituted medium grade maple syrup for the corn syrup and I have to admit this is a recipe made my pulled pork one...
  7. rocor98

    Just bought me a new MES 30

    Just do a search on mes 30 analog mods ... Some posters have the odd problem with them not smoking due to lack of draft .. It is all there in the posts .. Remember just fully understanding the manual is the first step .. Many issues come from droping out of step or skipping one ... Not...
  8. rocor98

    Chicken wings .. Thanks posters

    Sorry no Q-view Great wings .. Thanks to all the posters here .. To many to name ...... Vac tumbled wings in Trip' slaughter house brine 15 min. Covered with some of Jeff's rub ( half the hot pepper) Smoked @ 240 for 2 hours mes 30 , pit master pellets AMNPS Finished on the grill a few hours...
  9. rocor98

    Question on Individual Short Ribs

    Use the search bar .. " above". .. Type in. CSR. ..... Country style ribs ... Get some temps and tips .. Some posters go 3-2-1 .. Others feel that is a bit long .. Will be your call .. Have fun ... Ross
  10. rocor98

    A Sunday Smoke...

    Looking real good and nice TBS. ,,,, Looks like the party will be a success .....:yahoo: Save us all some .. I have a bunch of company .. Will be smoking tomorrow .. Wish I was smoking a butt today ...... Ross
  11. rocor98

    stuffing problems

    Review the threads on soaking your casings .. Remember the water temp is 90 degrees and do a pre rinse. Try to plan for a 60 min soak. Take the casings from the final bowl of water direct to the tube , and do not use a tube size that you need to stretch the casing on, I pre lube the tube...
  12. rocor98

    Celery Juice Powder????

    I have used it .. Hot dogs ... Shelf life is very poor compared with cure #1 ( Prague powder ) .. Small amounts used and it is not cheap .. I am not near the package , it is shipped in an air tight bag , is is an extremely fine powder , ( made a mental note to use a mask next time, or open bag...
  13. rocor98

    My first post from Canada eh!

    Welcome to SMF .. Great info and posters here .. We do not have access to many of the products posters use on a regular basis here in Canada .. But the search button on the form will be your friend, and so is eBay etc. I have been here for awhile .. PM me if you want some specific leads on...
  14. rocor98

    MES 40 and AMNPS........won't stay lit! PLEASE HELP!

    Cherry is the hardest one to keep lit .. .. You should nuke the pellets for 30 to 40 seconds in separate bowls .. Then set down a good layer of hickory .... Put a bit of cherry on one side ( left or right side of the row) in the middle , then cover with a layer of hickory and the oak ...
  15. rocor98

    trouble with AMNS

    Hi JohnnyK .. You must be a bit frustrated ... Your previous 5 or so threads over the last 8 months have all related to this problem... In some you have a AMNS, in others it is an AMNPS, And in this one you are back to an AMNS with pellets, very confusing for the form .... I realize that the...
  16. rocor98

    Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum grill

    Someone had a few free Saturday afternoons .... That is beyond fantastic .. that is truly art! Ross
  17. rocor98

    Finally pulled the Maverick trigger

    Got one in the mail today ... Xmas in June :-) Congrats on your purchase Thank god you are a smoke tech ...each button does about three functions .. Did not do my usual ( read the manual six times before I touched it ). Was busy building some shelves in a shed , so multitasking off a...
  18. rocor98

    First smoke this pass weekend AWSOME

    Nice looking chicken .. That is on my list , have my son here on vacation, and we are hitting the MES hard ... Jerky today or tomorrow .. Bought a whole beef filet for $5.00 a pound a few months ago to give to the jerky gods, and it is calling to me from the freezer. Ross
  19. rocor98

    q-view First Ribs ........ and a bit more

    Tasted like a lot more .........  finally had real Q Fattie was prime rib steak with home made breakfast sausage , cheese and was perfect .. ( one won't kill you )   Alas the chicken was rotiserie .. seemed to lack in taste now .. but I will fix that ... :-) Hot dogs for beans and...
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