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  1. rwilli

    Is there anything similar to American BBQ in Europe?

    I am not sure about what we traditionally call BBQ with the sweet mustard/tomato/molasses, and brown sugar based sauces. But the Europeans process, smoke, dry and cure fine meat such as a variety of sausage, pancetta, Spanish Chorizo, Pepperoni and many more. Many also consider any meat...
  2. rwilli

    Covid Vaccine ?

    I have had my second shot, no problems other than a little soreness at the injection site and tired feeling the next day.
  3. rwilli

    Sweet Spanish chorizo

    Thanks for the info Cal. I have had some luck with standard Mexican Chorizo, but never tried the Spanish version----Now you have me on the hunt for those peppers. Yes I would appreciate the full recipe. I have a pork but in the freezer just waiting to ran through the grinder.
  4. rwilli

    Beef Rib Fingers ---Bonless?

    Thanks Tropics
  5. rwilli

    Beef Rib Fingers ---Bonless?

    Picked 7 lbs of these up today, Planning on cooking/smoking them low and slow like regular ribs; Am I on the right track? I have never cooked these before, any comments or suggestions are appreciated
  6. rwilli

    Proper way to cook Brats? Maybe?

    I am surprised I didn't see anyone talk about cooking the brats in beer (usually two beers) until the beer cooks completely down and you get that thick syrupy goodness and roll the brats in it--the onions would be a nice touch.
  7. rwilli

    Need a spicy cajun seasoning recommendation

    Love this Stuff: Emeril's Essence Creole Seasoning Mix up a batch of this seasoning and keep it on hand for giving just about any savory dish a "kicked-up" flavor. Yield: About 2/3 cup 1.4K Ingredients 2 1/2 tablespoons paprika 2 tablespoons salt 2 tablespoons garlic powder 1 tablespoon...
  8. rwilli

    PERFECT RIBS EVERY TIME! This really works!

    Great thread, Thanks Al. The 3-2-1 method isn't working for me and I think your method may be the one I am looking for---Thanks again.
  9. rwilli

    Can I even use a gas grill for smoking?

    Ummm, 1. Liquid smoke. On my Weber Gas Grill, one burner is usually hot enough to get to 225-250, Then sit your on the part of the grill where the burner is not. If you have or can get an amazin tube and a small bag of pellets, that should also do the job----As Jim said, wood chunks or...
  10. rwilli

    High Altitude Cooking Information

    I also live at 6000 ft and am well aware of the issues mentioned in the article---My cooks commonly take two to three hours longer than the typical 1 hour per pound many people talk about. So, 6 hours at 172 seems a little long to me, but it doesn't surprise me. My advice is to let the probe...
  11. rwilli

    Cooking pull pork for 400 plates---Got some questions

    I wanted to follow up on My first (and probably last) big cook. First, Thanks to the advice from many of you, the cook went beautifully. I had plenty of meat, The meat came out great---had lots of compliments and 1 offer to help out on some professional cooks.----I declined that--To much...
  12. rwilli

    Cooking pull pork for 400 plates---Got some questions

    Just some assumptions I am making, would like some input from the crowd to see if I am on the right track: 1. I am figuring 3 sandwiches per pound of pulled pork. 2. With bone in shoulders, I am figuring about 20 percent loss with bone and some trimming/cooking. 3. I am figuring 180 lbs...
  13. rwilli

    OFG Summer Sausage, Step by Step and Video

    So many recipes, so little time, thanks for adding to my stress levels:). Seriously, those look great.
  14. rwilli

    Pulled Pork - First smoke in my Oklahoma Joe's Highland

    Congrats on the smoker, Looks good so far, Lets us know how it finishes up.
  15. rwilli

    Yoder 640 top vs bottom grate

    I have had my Yoder 640 for about 6 months, have cooked on it many times and have made the following observations. On my machine, 1. The bottom center rack temperature runs almost identical to the set temp. 2. The top rack runs about 30 degrees cooler than the set point/bottom rack From...
  16. rwilli

    Question about Curing Salt

    Thanks, that is what I was thinking as well-----But here is the recipe for your info: Tasso Ham How to Make Ingredients 5 lb Boston butt pork shoulder (preferably boneless) 8 oz kosher salt 4 oz white sugar 1/2 oz (15 g) LEM Backwoods Cure (pink curing salt) 1/4 cup white pepper 1/4 cup...
  17. rwilli

    Question about Curing Salt

    I am preparing to make some Tasso Ham today using Chef Tom's recipe from ATBBQ. This recipe does call for 1/2 (15 g) of LEM backwoods cure for 5 pounds of meat which is 3 times what the normal recipe or package instructions call for. This quantity is repeated in both his video and written...
  18. rwilli

    Another Brisket

    Thanks folks
  19. rwilli

    Another Brisket

    Actually, I used three rubs. 1st An All purpose Rub (1 Cup Salt, 1 Cup Pepper and 1/2 cup garlic), 2nd a BBQ rub-your choice---then a light layer Montreal steak seasoning----All based on Malcom Reed's (Killer Hogs) Method/recipe. I did add some Hot Hungarian Paprika to the BBQ rub.
  20. rwilli

    Another Brisket

    W ell, Sort of. It was cold and windy yesterday so I was losing a lot of heat--onced wrapped I had to bump the Yoder to 300 to get a 225-250 temp on the upper grill. even then, still took 11 hours. I still have problems cooking the thick end without drying out the thinner end of the...
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