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  1. Wurstmeister

    Hello Everyone

    ...there are thousands of recipes out an about regarding pork butt prep and meal ideas. Smoke the butt and then have some fun with the meal.🍻 John Search results for query: New member with results from my first smoked Pork butt | Smoking Meat Forums - The Best Barbecue Discussion Forum On Earth!
  2. F

    Hello Everyone

    If your meat is way ahead of schedule is it OK to turn down the temp on the smoker?
  3. vaalpens

    New member with results from my first smoked Pork butt

    I have recently joined this great forum and has been reading up a lot to help me get started in this smoking hobby/passion. All my years I have mostly been grilling using brickets and charcoal, but only lately decided to find out what the hype is regarding these pellet grills/smokers. So far I...
  4. M

    First time smoking venison summer sausage with complete recipe and how to guide

    I followed the recipe except didn't have prague powder. The temp stalled at about 130 so I pulled them and stuck in a hot water bath for about 1 1/2 hrs. to finish. Then put them in cold water bath followed by a couple hours of hanging. Put them in the fridge overnight. When I cut them in half...
  5. daricksta

    Chuckie (Step by Step) with Qview

    Great photos and congrats on the chuckie! But you make me feel blessed that I live on the West Coast. Both blade and boneless chuck roasts have been found in abundance in the supermarkets in all the towns I've lived in. Ironically, my first and only Chuckie has been the one failure I've...
  6. forluvofsmoke

    Understanding Smoke Management - updated 12/08/14

    Mr T, it derails from cold smoking a bit to say this, but this morning I realized that in the past several years I occasionally experiment with hot smoking chamber temps to get a deeper smoke ring by starting at slightly reduced temps (below the generally recognized 225* for larger cuts of fresh...
  7. forluvofsmoke

    Wet-to-Dry No-Foil Smoke Chamber Method for Smoking Meats

    There are numerous benefits with using this smoking method including: eating lean meats for a healthier diet; improved moisture retention in lean meats finished at high internal temperatures; improved bark quality and quantity on smoked meats; improved smoke reaction due to removal of fat-cap...
  8. cld213

    First couple smokes with my new 2012 MES40 (Brisket/Pork Butt) with Qview and lots of information (W

    Hey guys, Newer member here.   Wall of text ahead but worth the read if you're new to smoking like myself or would like to just laugh at the green horn mistakes I made.  I will include a TLDR version at the end for those of us with short attention spans (including myself) I thought I'd share...
  9. ranger72

    1st Butt taking a long time?

    Hi There cseymour! Welcome to the boards :D First I will post a link to a tutorial I did here complete with digi-pics just about one year ago..It is comprehensive and will answer many of your questions. :) Go Here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=617 Also..near the end...
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