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  1. zippy12

    Friday and a quick Shrimp Boil

  2. zippy12

    My Last Meal... A Bit Early

    I have charred ribeyes but never a fillet mingnon. I have seen people use the chiney started to do this. So I started mine 3/4 full (next time 1/2 full)... My family all left out tonight so I had extra spending money! ok gents time for a nap!
  3. zippy12

    Lemon herb garlic butter grouper with mushroom garlic risotto

    topped in garlic parsely butter sauce
  4. zippy12

    Experimenal Mexican Burger (the family was not game

    So the family wanted the same old burger... I wanted more of a mexican twist and a double The white cheese is oaxaca
  5. zippy12

    Curried Chick Thigh Salad with roasted sweet corn

    We get tierd of the beef and shrimp so I Indian Curry stuff!!!!
  6. zippy12

    Cook for a few days Wings and Thighs on the webber

    Wings in franks Quesadillas with the franks wings next day lunch Borritos next day dinner still have leftovers borrito rice beans and some wings and lazagna
  7. zippy12

    Monday Night Pork Butt Carnitas Tacos!

    first a beer... onion some leftover shreded pork butt mixed with the defatted pork jelly. then added chili powder and cumin... Pork butt rules! Burp!
  8. zippy12

    Friday Night PP and Brats on the Lang

  9. zippy12

    Well its Cupcake chicken without the pan (on the webber this takes some 3 hours)

    Pics are way outta order! but you can piece them together... BTW family appoved!
  10. zippy12

    Bacon Mushroom Swiss Burger on the Webber

  11. zippy12

    Shep Pie and watermelon

  12. zippy12

    Friday Mediterranean Chix Salad

    Rub was good on chix: 1tsp corriander 1tsp oragano 1/2 tsp Harrisa 1/2 tsp paprika 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 BP 1/2 tsp sumac ground hot pepper Grilled on webber before MAJOR storm
  13. zippy12

    Free Fishing weekend for VA people (Salt, Fresh, Trout) 6/4/2021 - 6/6/2021

  14. zippy12


    the top ones were for burritos no copy cats please!
  15. zippy12

    Smoking My Butt While At Work

    mustard base with blue hogs rub On the Lang at 240f - 260f for 7.5 hrs Rested in cooler for 2 hrs Rule #1 bone should pull clean! Rule #2 save the pork jelly - straind and into the fridge to de-fat Dog Knows its good! Money Shot
  16. zippy12

    TACO Tuesday!!!!

    Gorditto! Oww yea
  17. zippy12

    Cajun Jerky using Cherry to smoke

    Ran smoke at 150F to 165F the Lang did its thing just fine! early bites best flavor ever!
  18. zippy12

    Cajun Jerky soaking now smoke in Lang Sunday

    Got some top round at 3.49 lb 2.89lbs Used my Cajun recipe with Woshi and Soy Total weight was 3.2lbs so added 3 gram cure 1 Start 170ish smoke on sunday... Will post more then
  19. zippy12

    Rare Earth Magnets to secure a tarp on your smoker

    I hate water getting into my smoker when it rains I used these hook rare earth magnets to secure the tarp and hold tools.
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