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  1. fliptetlow

    Nice day to fire up the stick

    Nice Florida day to fire up the stick and toss a brisket and pork butt on. Will update as the day goes on.
  2. fliptetlow

    Raining day chili

    Doing a bit of raining day chili on the grill watching some football
  3. fliptetlow

    Fall Clean-up

    After heavy use over the summer did a fall clean up, pressure wash, grills cleaned, stick cleaned. Everything pulled from drawers / storage cleaned and put away. Ready for a heavy Thanksgiving weekend.
  4. fliptetlow

    Replaced grill/smoke house tv

    Finally had to replace the TV after the last lighting storm. Has take 3 hits over the years and each time took out the HDMI port it was plugged into. But lasted just short of 6 years which was great.
  5. fliptetlow

    Baby backs

    6 racks going on the stick .
  6. fliptetlow

    Baby backs

    6 racks going on the stick .
  7. fliptetlow

    Home made meat grinder feed tray

    So I borrowed a meat grinder from a buddy on mine and somewhere along the way he lost the feed tray. It was a first gen Cabala's grinder and had no luck finding a replacement that would fit. I bought a heavy duty Aluminium pan and had 2 1/4" aluminium tube in stock. The tube had to be turned...
  8. fliptetlow

    Made some Charcoal

    Since I have a ton of live oak on 3 different brush piles I decided to made some charcoal. Using a 55 gal drum and the indirect method with scrap brush as a fuel source; first try did not turn out too bad. Need to modify method and insulate the drum a bit more. Ended up filling 2 1/2 large RO...
  9. fliptetlow

    4th. July Brisket and ribs

    Have the brisket on and the Babybacks will join it later today. Using my new smoke for the first time, seems to be nice.  Should of bought the longer leads. 
  10. fliptetlow

    Good day

    Looks like a good day to fire the smoker up for some ribs.
  11. fliptetlow

    Smoker rework

    Have been wanting to do some rework on my smoker for awhile. Really needed a second grill for cooking and with the side firebox setup it really took up some space. So I found a neat ready made box out of ¼” plate that needed just a little modification. Connected it to the smoker with 3 sections...
  12. fliptetlow

    Smoked Rib Roast

    Did a small rib roast that had been sitting in the freezer, just a 2 rib one for the wife and I. Covered with olive oil, cracked pepper, everglades seasoning, sea salt. Smoked it at 230 or so for about 3 1/2 hours and pulled it at 125 and let it set under foil for about 45 min. Tossed in a...
  13. fliptetlow

    Ribs on the smoker

    Packer Game day at the Top "O" hill bar & grill, 6 racks of baby backs for just about half time. 
  14. fliptetlow

    Starting some Beef short ribs

    Starting some beef short ribs today. prepped with olive oil, garlic, onion, pepper, sea salt and a bit of masterpiece seasoning.  Have some real estate open so tossing on some baby backs with my normal prep and seasoning. Smoker is getting cranked up and will do some update q-veiw during the...
  15. fliptetlow

    First time jerky

    Well this is my first batch of jerky, making it out of some venison with High Country packs. Going at 120 for about 1 ½ then bump up to about 140 or so depending on how it goes. Cut it up yesterday and let it sit in the frig overnight. Using oak as heat and will toss in some hickory a bit later...
  16. fliptetlow

    Skinless Chicken Thighs

    Just did a quick grill of some Bone-In skinless chicken thighs and they turned out fantastic. Usually do an overnight marinade of some sort and today just took them out of the package and tossed on the grill, Royal Oak with Hickory smoke chunks. Seasoned them with a new product I picked up in...
  17. fliptetlow

    Turkey in

    12 lb bird in at 10:00, brown sugar and butter injected with a nice rub under the skin. Cooking about 230-240..with oak firewood and hickory smoke chunks. Going to mist with apple juice and Jack Daniels.  
  18. fliptetlow

    Starting a smoke today

    Do my first real smoke with the smoker in it’s new home. Prepared a couple pork butts, couple of flat cut briskets and 3 slabs of baby backs. The butts and briskets went on at 8:00 with the ribs going on later. It is nice to be under cover while smoking..:)
  19. fliptetlow

    Smoke / Grill House Build

    Doing an outdoor smoke / grill open air building behind my shop / house. Thought I would document here for whoever is interested. Just had the slab poured which is 9’ x 12’ and using some logs from a log cabin build which were extras. Should be able to get most of it framed up this week I hope...
  20. fliptetlow

    Baby Backs

    Hey, Have not posted in a while but have been doing a huge amount of smoking. Thought I would post these up just put them on this morning and will post up more pics later. Prepped them yesterday with a mustard base with an off the shelf rub that I have had great success with.    
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