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  1. diamondmarco

    Beech for smoking ?

    Beech is the preferred wood used in Germany to smoke Black Forest hams and bacon. Nice and mild.
  2. diamondmarco

    Cleaning Injector

    In a pinch you can use an old toothbrush. Works like a charm.
  3. diamondmarco

    MES not enough smoke - have the AMNPS

    Another area to check is your pellets. Did you switch brands recently? Some pellets aren't 100% pure wood. They will use a low flavor wood for the bulk and add some oak wood to give it some flavor or use wood flavorings added to the mix in order to cut costs. Read the label carefully. If it says...
  4. diamondmarco

    New to smoking

    You're in for a treat Stanley. A whole new world opening up for you.
  5. diamondmarco

    Oregon Scientific Bluetooth Therm on Woot for $14!

    Thanks for posting this 3montes. I ordered it and ran it with a pork tenderloin. It worked very well. I set it to pork, medium rare (choices are in the built in menu) and synced it to my Ipad. The Ipad showed the rising temps and changed colors as it got closer to the idea temp (140F). You...
  6. diamondmarco

    BACON-ON-A-STICK (Step By Step)

    Having tried a few of Bear's step by step recipes and succeeding I thought it was time to try the bacon on a stick recipe. The reviews were great. One person even said his wife called them the best ribs he'd ever made. Well, what do I have to lose? So I followed the directions (perfect, by the...
  7. diamondmarco

    Blowin' Smoke LITERALLY!

    100 cubic feet/minute.
  8. diamondmarco

    Blowin' Smoke LITERALLY!

    VenTech 4" 6" 8" Inch Duct Booster Inline Blower Fan available on ebay for $23.  Also available in different diameters.
  9. diamondmarco


    Much appreciated Dave. Thanks for the rapid reply!!
  10. diamondmarco


    Dave, Any chance of a description of the procedure?  I have the vac sealer and canister. Do you put the pickles and solution in the canister, place it under vacuum and leave it like that or do you vacuum, release pressure and repeat like for marinating?? Thanks for any tips.
  11. diamondmarco

    MES 30 Side Shelf

    It works on the MES 40 also. I have the 40 with the side vent and the table attached on that side. It works well whether the table is up or folded down. Mine gets a lot of use.
  12. diamondmarco

    The new one from Germany

    Wilkommen Patze....Hier findet mann ALLES was man braucht (in bereich rauchen!)
  13. diamondmarco

    MES cold smoke option

    I've used the tube mounted through the chip port for cold smoking and it worked quite well. However, don't use it with the heat turned on as it sits right above the heater coil and WILL burn much faster/catch on fire. Ask me how I know  ;-)
  14. diamondmarco

    German Jagerwurst (completed)

    Looking good BlueBombersfan. Got a question. Did you make it without any beef?  Didn't see it in your description. Len Poli (see his website) has a great recipe that is close enough to the traditional German recipe. You might be surprised at the difference. Keep going. This one is impressive.
  15. diamondmarco

    Almost Spring Smoke Cheese - 60 Blocks

    Great cheese post. But more impressive is your work place. Really nice layout. thanks for posting !!
  16. diamondmarco

    Good morning new smoky friends!

    Fair warning you two, this place can be habit forming !!!  Don't hesitate to ask for help or search for answers. It's all here. Get ready for a great adventure. Marc, In TEXAS
  17. diamondmarco

    Today's bread.. Italian Style....

    Way to go Dave. As you know the learning process is chock full of mistakes and wins. It looks like you got the errors out of the way so future loaves should put a grin on your face. Can't wait to see that. Marc
  18. diamondmarco

    Hot dogs & beans, first thread since returning

    Yum yum yum. thanks for the inspiration. I know what I'LL be making this week!
  19. diamondmarco

    Do you buy in bulk or direct from the creamery ??

    With as much skill and experience we all have in making excellent BBQ and smoked things I'm surprised none of you have made your own cheese. It's no harder than doing ribs right. If you have to you can even use store bought milk, though if you start on this journey you might find a way to get...
  20. diamondmarco

    ABTs and Sausage

    Yep, Nurembergers. You can tell by the finger size. They were made to be able to pass through the keyhole of jail cells (long story, but true) in midevil times in Nuremberg, Bavaria.
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