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  1. Dutch

    Cancooker Meal #2

    Jabiru, milk can suppers are a throwback to cowboy days working on the ranch and pioneers crossing the plains when they had a non-travel day. Food would be layered in a milk can, liquid added to the can to create steam and the milk can was placed on a campfire.
  2. Dutch

    Cancooker Meal #2

    Thanks all for your comments. Ma Dutch said the Andouille sausage was a bit spicy for her liking and she doesn't like peeling the crayfish. They’re are kind of like pistachios, Ma will eat them if I will peel them! When I SCUBA dived the local reservoirs, my dive buddy and I would take nets down...
  3. Dutch

    Cancooker Meal #2

    Tonight's meal via the Cancooker was a Low Country Boil of crayfish, shrimp, andouille & kielbasa sausages, baby new potatoes and corn on the cob, bell pepper and onion. Seasonings use were Old Bay and a homemade Creole seasoning.
  4. Dutch


    You know the old mantra "Whomever dies with the most toys, wins!" :emoji_laughing::emoji_sunglasses:
  5. Dutch


    SmokingUPnorth, the first meal out of mine was boneless, skinless chicken thighs, kielbasa sausage, corn on the cob, and potatoes. Sunday's supper will be a low country boilcrayfish, shrimp, kielbasa and andouille sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. We even did pineapple upside-down cake...
  6. Dutch


    If there's enough interest in CanCooker/Cream can cooking, I'll see if we can get a sub forum going.
  7. Dutch


    If you look at the different forums zippy, it's not all about smoking meat!
  8. Dutch


    Anyone here cook in a CanCooker? I got one recently and really liking the versatility of it.
  9. Dutch

    Bony lump on Baby Back Ribs

    We used to see these back when we used to butcher hogs. Healing nodule from an old fracture.
  10. Dutch

    Bad Weather Stix

    Man, this has me wanting to make a batch of habanero brats. but stuff them into snack stick casings instead! My daughter and her family just transferred from Jacksonville, Fl. area to Ft. Carson, Co. She says that they'll miss Florida but not the weather. Stay dry and have fun making memories...
  11. Dutch

    New to smoking

    3rivers smoke Welcome to to SMF. You have just tapped into the largest hive knowledge on the interwebs! I looks forward to your contribution to these pages. and remember that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. We were all beginners once and didn't have the resources that are...
  12. Dutch

    Sad day

    mrad, conspire with your kids. Tell them to take them and in a couple or three years, they can "gift" them back to you. I mean really, were we not taught to accept gifts that are given in love? :emoji_sunglasses: With the toys (I mean TOOLS) that I have, Ma Dutch asked me the other day if I...
  13. Dutch

    Keeping my offset fueled without billowing white smoke

    Chris, I've had the billowing white smoke issue myself. I'll periodically experience the BWS syndrome, even with my Lang. You're on the right track by not refueling too soon and leaving the fire box door ajar. Unless I have the small grandlittles over for a visit while the smoker is running, I...
  14. Dutch

    Sourdough For friend (lotsa pics)

    Basically what I use, all-purpose flour and water. A couple of years ago, Ma Dutch gifted me a sourdough recipe book that uses the discard sourdough. She bought it in hopes that I would do more baking. I'll see if I can find it and I'll share the title and author with you.
  15. Dutch

    First shot at a Tomahawk

    Teal101, Blessings and congrats on the birth of your new BBQing buddy. My brother uses a Pit Boss pellet grill and smokes his Ribeye's at 225°F to 110°F and then cranks the grill to 400°F to get that sear. He likes his steaks medium and I keep asking him "why?"
  16. Dutch

    Sourdough For friend (lotsa pics)

    Charlie, that's why most bakers make more than one loaf! :emoji_laughing: :emoji_sunglasses: :emoji_laughing:
  17. Dutch

    Sourdough For friend (lotsa pics)

    Great looking Sourdough Bread SWFLsmkr1. I need to get back into baking with sourdough. What did you use for your starter?
  18. Dutch

    Original tailgater

    Wow! That looks heavy duty. I'll take my steak medium rare. :emoji_sunglasses:
  19. Dutch

    Hi Everyone

    Tim, a hardy Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums form the Wasatch Front of Utah.
  20. Dutch

    Chicken in the Side box

    My neighbor commented on how easy it was to split his chicken and wanted to know what I do that's different than what he does. After splitting the chicken, I'll cut the rib bones on both sides of the keel (breast) bone and remove the keel bone and the cartilage. The chicken lays flatter. If I'm...
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