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    Cold Smoked Deviled Eggs

    Did you fully peel the eggs before smoking them? My whites turn out a much darker color. Granted one time I forgot and accidently left them on for around 4 hours and loved them so much, I always leave them on for 4 hours now, but I'm pretty sure mine are pretty dark yellow-ish brown-ish by the...
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    London Broil...

    About 99% of the london broils in my area are top round.
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    Thank you, this is fantastic information! I will contact her when I'm ready for more bags!
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    So, the 48 hour SV in a vacuum seal bag also rendered A LOT of liquid. My wife swears it's less than the first one, but I think it's about the same. But I still don't doubt that water got into the bag on the first one. The water smelled like the meat tasted.. Very disgusting. Needless to say...
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    That thread both inspired and terrified me. I must say what you did is absolutely amazing. The pictures after the smoke says it all. I can't imagine the flavor that came out of those... If I ever were to make my own, it would be 100% based off of your posts!
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    50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned)

    So... I have 15 pounds of rib roasts, but they are in 3 different sections. Every time I went through the store I bought another one! I think I might only make 12 pounds and save 3 for a later date. But the sales aren't over and I might grab some more at these cheap prices and vacuum seal and...
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    So I just finished my 2nd corned beef. This time I went 140 for 48 hours. For simplicities sake, I didn't smoke it. I pulled it out of the SV and sliced off a few pieces to see if it was even worth eating. Everybody loved it so much we ate half of it before I could get it to the smoker. So...
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    Well... Not happy with the results. I don't know if it's because I haven't had corned beef in a very long time or if I ruined it, but here is where things stand. I pulled the meat out of the sous vide, sliced off a piece, and the flavor tasted like a plastic pool toy. I was actually worried that...
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    Thanks for the recipe @dr k -- I read in several other places that you need between 160-180 for a longer time to really break down all the connective tissue. So I cold smoked for nearly 6 hours and now it's in the sous vide at 172 where it will stay for the next 24 hours. I fried a small...
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    Hey all, had a couple of store bought corned beef briskets sitting the freezer for a while so I thought I'd try out some cold smoked, sous vide pastrami. I've read several articles on cold smoking the corned beef, but I'm not sure if it's 100% safe. I soaked it for about 8 hours and changed...
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    Sous Vide Top Round (Tender Test)

    I haven't, but I just saw some eye of round at the store the other day and almost grabbed it. Looks like it's even leaner... less calories and slightly higher protein, which is what I'm after so I'll have to give it a shot!
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    50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned)

    Congrats Bear! And the prime rib looks AMAZING! Your instructions have never done me wrong and can't wait to make ~15lbs of PR for Christmas!
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    Leg of lamb roast (boneless)

    Nice! SV lamb is one of my favourites... and dunking the meat in the jus that comes out of the SV bag is heaven! I have been following a 24 hour recipe, but now I'll have try the shorter cook based on your post.
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    First FRESH chicken breasts...

    +100 on the Sous Vide chicken breast. It's a real game changer. The other thing I discovered that's changed my life with chicken breasts is brine. A 24 soak in saltwater, then 145 for 2-2.5 hours -- most flavorful, juicy chicken breasts I've ever had. No need to do anything else to them...
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    WOW!!! Anova 900w Wi-fi/Bluetooth on Cyber Monday. Best EVER Price.

    I actually bought the 900w Anova on Amazon Prime Day for $69. It doesn't show up in price history trackers apparently because it was a discount applied at checkout and not the actual price. Looks like the $75 price was one day only...
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    I've purchased about 15 pounds of prime rib from Publix in Florida over the past 2 weeks. It's been on sale for $6.99/lb.
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    Sous Vide Top Round (Tender Test)

    Hey Bear! It's been a while! I'm just visiting back to check in on your prime rib instructions from many years ago because I'm smoking two for Christmas :D Glad to see you're into Sous Vide... it's been my obsession for the past few months. Just wanted to add my experience with top round --...
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    Thanksgiving turkey was so good, I'm smoking another one

    Well, I have to take it off after I smoke it because it doesn't get hot enough in my MES to make it crispy. So it's gotta go either before or after the smoke. Just wondering if anybody has any experience with removing it and how it effects the turkey.
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    Thanksgiving turkey was so good, I'm smoking another one

    Hi all, Thanksgiving was the first time I smoked a turkey and it was incredibly good. Made the best stock I've ever made from the carcass for some soup! Anyway, I'm getting ready to smoke another one tomorrow. I'm using a MES + AMAZN pellet tray. On the Thanksgiving bird, the skin turned out...
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    Rub/glaze on turkey?

    Thanks everybody. I ended up creating a random rub inspired by some vindaloo I made a few weeks ago... pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, turmeric, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, paprika, cardamom, rosemary, and sage. I put some butter between the skin and breast (hope that isn't a mistake), then...
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