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  1. ksmoker

    Graduation for 300

    Two shelves but I’m figuring on a xtra day cooking just in case
  2. ksmoker

    Graduation for 300

    my cooker can handle it, got a few large coolers to let them sit then pull and let it cool. Going to bag it all and transport it to the part then fill the many roasters
  3. ksmoker

    Graduation for 300

    I built a 200 gal. Smoker years ago just kind of overwhelmed by the numbers, just wanted to be sure , I really appreciate that you guys took the time for me. And it’s just the pork and no sides
  4. ksmoker

    Graduation for 300

    Hey guys need a little help with figuring out amounts, I was asked to cook for 350 people for a graduation. Doing pork butts, if they run between 8-10 pounds how many do you guys feel I should cook. Thanks
  5. ksmoker

    Not sure where to put this... Pipe burner questions

    Just wondering what you found to be the best. I have started another build for a friend that involves building a gas burner
  6. ksmoker

    To Wrap or Not To Wrap

    I always wrap, that's the best thing about a Packer is that you can still get the good bark after you separate the point and make burnt ends
  7. ksmoker

    Small backyard reverse flow build

    Looks like your coming along great and it also looks like the weather is great to. Good job
  8. ksmoker

    Pellets in New Mexico

    If your moving into the Valley I bought all my smoking gear down on 12th st. there's a big Lowes down there they carry some good things. If your living in the Height's I used to go to the Lowes up on Tram Way. I have a few friends out there that have bulk Mesquite if you need.
  9. ksmoker

    Jeff's rub

    I have been on this site since 09' and the info has made me suck a better cook inside as well as around my grills. I just purchased the recipes and love them, being able to add or subtract from them I think is a great thing. I wish I would have given back to this forum long before, what a great...
  10. ksmoker

    Trying to Beat Titan!! Pulled Pork w/Tons of Q-View!!!

    That looks great, good job dude
  11. ksmoker

    Picnic with qView

    Can't wait to see it, anything special about the rub your using and what wood you burning with that
  12. ksmoker

    Picnic with qView

    Picnic yum I'm following ya
  13. ksmoker

    My first 80Gal RF build... This is going to be a blast!

    U bet ate there often also Garcia's or Saddie's 4th st always had good food from one end to the other, anyway beautiful build really liked it
  14. ksmoker

    UFC Fight Night Brisket

    Really nice makes me hungry
  15. ksmoker

    My first 80Gal RF build... This is going to be a blast!

    Just wondering what OD size that exhaust was, I'v been following this build and it's really nice, good job
  16. ksmoker

    UFC Fight Night Brisket

    Im following, it looks great already
  17. ksmoker


    Can't wait, so hungry
  18. ksmoker

    Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins

    Im all over that this weekend Thanks Bro
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