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  1. thesmokindogs

    ABTs? and to soak or not to soak

    Hi everybody! Sorry I wasn't very active this season - had a lot of things good and bad going on. I've only fired up my smoker twice. Hope everyone has had a great summer and fall so far. First question. I just made my 3rd batch of bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers per Jeff's awesome recipe. I...
  2. thesmokindogs

    Feast or Famine

    Mostly feast - today anyway. Started out mesquite smoking a half bushel of fresh red bell peppers for the annual soup event in March We'll slice them up and freeze them. While they were working we started on a batch of Jeff's shrimp stuffed jalapeño poppers. I told my wife about a tip Jeff...
  3. thesmokindogs

    Why no chunks in MB Pro

    One of my first posts on SMF was why can't you use wood chunks in the MasterBuilt Pro smoker. Someone replied that they use them all the time with no problems. I found out today why they're not recommended and count myself lucky that I was paying attention. Decided to smoke a half-dozen turkey...
  4. thesmokindogs

    Smoking peanuts

    Sorry but my smoker has been silent for a while. Issues with Diabetes plus having just had my first back surgery have slowed me down a lot. Can't lift more than 5 pounds, can't bend, reach, or twist. Makes problems in the most personal parts of using the bathroom if you know what I mean...
  5. thesmokindogs

    First brisket

    I bit the bullet Friday and bought a 12.7 lb brisket at Restaurant Depot for $2.71/lb. As with everything else, I did a lot of reading first and hope I got it mostly right. I might have gotten a little overzealous trimming the fat cap but my wife, who learned brisket from South Texas...
  6. thesmokindogs

    I made some bacon

    A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had a couple slabs of bacon curing but I never followed up with the results. I did some pretty exhaustive research on the process and found a goldmine of information on another site (Sorry, SMF) Having spent 40-odd years in the restaurant business, I was...
  7. thesmokindogs

    My first spatchcock chicken

    I'm trying my first spatchcock chicken. I'm using Tip's Slaughterhouse Brine and Jeff's Texas style rub. As you can see from the photo, I had some issues getting the rub to stay on the leg quarters even though I rubbed the bird down with olive oil. I wound up just sprinkling the rub on them...
  8. thesmokindogs

    A question of anatomy

    A good friend of ours, Maryann, is a hoot when she's had a few glasses of her homemade wine - or any wine for that matter. She comes up with interesting rhetorical/philosophical questions you wouldn't normally think of. Like the phrase "raining cats and dogs". Has anyone ever seen it rain cats...
  9. thesmokindogs

    An "Initial" question

    Doing a fair bit of work in information technology (IT) I'm used to acronyms o'plenty. But in wandering around this and other boards on smoking I've come across a few that I'm curious about. I'm sure they refer to different types of smokers but knowing what they mean would sure make more...
  10. thesmokindogs

    Happy Smokin' 4th!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July 133674693112133674693112133674693112133674693112133674693112133674693112133674693112!! I have a ~7# shoulder already on the smoker plus 2 racks of spareribs ready to go in a couple hours. We're having our big dinner today. Tomorrow's hot dogs...
  11. thesmokindogs

    MBuilt Pro - Why not wood chunks?

    I posted this question earlier but titled it wrong so I got no response. The instructions for my MasterBuilt Pro dual fuel cabinet smoker say "NEVER use wood chunks. Chips only". There's no explanation given and my inquiring mind wants to know why. I haven't been smoking meat long enough to...
  12. thesmokindogs

    My first go with new smoker

    Yesterday was mostly a learning experience although it included some pretty decent ribs. My 9# pork shoulder *finally* turned out pretty good, too. I smoked both with a mix of 2 parts apple and 1 part mesquite. That turned out to be a good ratio with the mellower apple reining in the sharp...
  13. thesmokindogs

    Joined but never said Hello

    Howdy everybody! I signed up here a couple months ago but never introduced myself. 128566 Originally from Mississippi I now call Buffalo, NY home. I'm new to smoking although I'm only a generation away from relying on a full-fledged smokehouse for meat throughout the winter. My Mom regaled...
  14. thesmokindogs

    Wood chips vs chunks

    My wife bought me a MasterBuilt Pro Dual fuel cabinet smoker as an early Father's Day gift. Before assembly I was reading thru the manual and was surprised to find the instructions in bold letters, "Never use wood chunks". I'm pretty new to smoking but I'm puzzled about that. The only reason I...
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