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  1. maloff28

    Alabama BBQ Chicken

    Made some Alabama BBQ chicken yesterday on the WSM 22. Came out tasty, but still can't get the skin quite right. Even though I ran it at about 350, water pan in but dry. How do others get better skin?
  2. maloff28

    Restaurant Depot - Orlando

    Has anyone purchased meat at the Orlando Restaurant Depot? Any feed back? Really looking for a new place for meat. Seth
  3. maloff28

    Pulled Pork... Saving for later... Question

    I have 4 Boston butts on the WSM. 14 hrs in and 172. I will be serving one tonight maybe a bit more... but as long as i am firing up, i might as well load up. I have a question for the group on storing what I don't eat today. Do you. 1) Refrigerate whole, pull cold, portion and freeze? 2)...
  4. maloff28

    1st time rib roast

    I am making a boneless rib roast on my WSM 22 for the first time. I have followed Meathead's recipe step by step. After only 2 hours, the meat is at 100. It is approximately 12 Lbs. The smoker has run solid between 230 and 240. I am seriously worried. Dinner is not until six. I had figured at...
  5. maloff28

    Butts & ABTs

    Took 19 hours without wrapping to get done, but I thonk it was worth it. Tried ABTs for the first time too, because cooking for 19 hours wasn't quite enough... Thought I'd add another three hours to the total! People seemed to enjoy it all though.
  6. maloff28

    Maverick Failing?

    Did a brisket in my WSM over the weekend.  20.5 hours i spent with that stubborn steer. It was more complicated because i believe that my Maverick thermo is failing. The meat probe started off with an LLL which the manual says is ether in need of a reset or that it is shorted or shorting. I...
  7. maloff28

    Age old Question... Water or No Water?

    I have a 15 LB brisket and 6 lbs of chuck roast headed for the WSM 22 overnight tonight. Water or No water? I have gone waterless so far adopting the position that the water is just a heat sync and using no water just a clay saucer. Opinions?
  8. maloff28

    WSM Rainy Day Question

    Ok... it was a little bit more than rain.  We had tornado watches and warnings, but hey, I had promised ribs for dinner. I did fine maintaining the proper temperature and I managed to keep my Maverick dry with a ziplock bag and a plastic container, but upon cleaning it out this morning, I found...
  9. maloff28

    Fatties 3 Ways

    Last weekend I had a pot luck to go to and was looking for ideas.  Jeff's news letter came out at an opportune time.  He provided a recipe for "bite size" fatties and had plenty of different fillings to choose from.  I was just about to go down that route... when I said to myself... bite size...
  10. maloff28

    Fatty Sausage?

    I usually make a meatloaf mix for my fatties, but was going to try sausage this time. I realize that  a lot of it is personal preference, but what kind of sausage you prefer for fatties?  Brand? Style?  
  11. maloff28

    1st butts in my WSM

    I have had my WSM for a few months now and I had yet to try pulled pork. To add to that first, I made it my first overnight smoke. I had nearly 20 pounds of pork shoulder. I knew it was going to going to take a long time, but wow. I put it on at 7:30 PM on Friday and it was not done until...
  12. maloff28

    WSM 22.5 - How Much Wood?

    My new WSM 22.5 just arrived on Friday.  I ran it once empty, just to see how it worked and play with the vents.  Then I had my first smoke on Sunday.  Came out ok. Had some challenges managing the temperature and ended up adding fuel (started with half a ring).  I will run full from now on I...
  13. maloff28

    WSM On its way!

    Just ordered a 22.5 WSM. Should be here Friday! Can't wait! The MES 40 got me started three years ago and I have enjoyed everything a bout it, except it tripping the GFI constantly and its more recent habit of setting the chips on fire and filling with nasty grey smoke. I used a friends...
  14. maloff28

    Thinking of Going Charcoal... Two Questions

    I have a second gen MES40 and I am growing a bit frustrated with it.  I keep getting flare-ups and gray smoke. The only way I have figured out to get around it is to add a palm full of soaked chips about every 45 minutes.  That is much more attention than I want to give my electric. I know a...
  15. maloff28

    Fatties & Ribs

    I have an MES40 but, I have wanted to try a WSM for some time. A friend has one so we gave it a go on Sunday. 3 racks of baby backs, 3 racks of St. Louis ribs and three fatties just for good measure. Used my meatloaf mix as a base for the fatties. One just plain meatloaf, one with linguicia...
  16. maloff28

    Weber Genesis Silver C Help

    I have a 10+ year old Weber Genesis Sliver C grill.  It came with the cast iron grill grates.  They are falling apart.  I need to replace them.  Kind of disappointed that they didn't last that long (at least from my thinking).  Anyone have any thoughts on replacing?  Do I go with cast iron...
  17. maloff28

    Brisket In My MES

    Made the 2 hour round trip to pick up a 16.8 LB packer cut brisket.  Yes... it drives me crazy that I have to drive that far, but central Florida is a desert when it comes to butchers/meat markets and for some reason, Sams and Costco do not carry packers cuts here. Anyway... on the the Q-View...
  18. maloff28

    3 Fatty Questions.... UPDATED with Q-View

    Good morning all.  Going to do some fatty's today (first time).  Well actually bacon wrapped meatloaf stuffed with garlic mashed potatoes and peas.  Kind of an inside out TV dinner. Here are the questions. 1) Bacon... thick or thin? 2) Bacon... smoked or not?  3) Do you use water or any...
  19. maloff28

    Central Florida Smoker

    Hello, My name is Seth.  I have been lurking on this forum for a little over a year.  I live in the Orlando, Florida area and purchased my first smoker (an MES 40) about a year and a half ago from Sam's Club.   I love to cook, grill, bake... I like it all.   I purchased the smoker because I...
  20. maloff28

    HELP! MB 40 Not Working

    I woke up good and early to start some pork shoulder to have for the long weekend.  I have a MB 40 that i bought from Sams about a year and a half ago. Every time i turn it on, it trips the GFI switch.  I tried plugging direct into the plug, switching extension cords, switching outlets, and...
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