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  1. fliptetlow

    Burgers and Brats

    Looks Great, nice job. Sometimes simple is just what the menu needs.
  2. fliptetlow

    Hello from Alaska

    Welcome from Central FL..
  3. fliptetlow

    Flat top Hot dogs . I had to .

    Great looking dogs, good eats.
  4. fliptetlow

    Vortex Wings

    Just got one and need to give it try.
  5. fliptetlow

    Smoke / Grill House Build

    I'll keep that in mind, I have quite a bit in stock from a friend that does tree work, he took down a large Pecan tree a couple years ago. Your right it a hard wood to find in FL for smoking.
  6. fliptetlow

    Lighting the coals: why shouldn't I do this?

    I use cotton balls soaked in cheap rubbing alcohol in an old pickle jar. Just toss 3-4 in the ash compartment and light them, leave the top open and in 15 min you have a nice fire going.
  7. fliptetlow

    Added to my stable tonight.

    Nice find, I had one of those and they cook very well. If you leave it outside without a cover mine would collect water in the removable ash tray and rusted out. But a great cooking grill.
  8. fliptetlow

    Smoke / Grill House Build

    Aging well, the "Top of the Hill Bar and Grill" that is.
  9. fliptetlow

    Outdoor BBQ remodel - what 2 types of grills/smokers would you get for dream setup?

    I have a Vision, Steel Keg and a stick smoker. Just added a small 22" Flat top grill that I pullout when ever. Don't forget a sink in your plans.
  10. fliptetlow

    Blackstone stir fry feast

    Looks great, nice job.
  11. fliptetlow

    Stick Burner Multi Smoke

    Smoke looks great.
  12. fliptetlow

    560 firestarters

    Cotton balls and 91% Alcohol in a old pickle jar, toss 4 in and light. Grill is going in about 15 min and crazy cheap.
  13. fliptetlow

    Italian Night - Nduja stuffed chicken breast dinner

    Great chicken dish.
  14. fliptetlow

    Sunday Spares

    Nice ribs, great job.
  15. fliptetlow

    Nice day to fire up the stick

    Everything came out great, pork was moist and tasty, forgot to take a pic when I had it all pulled but keep a bit out and vac packed 4 meals worth. The brisket was moist also, nice ring. Finger pull tender and the point was crazy tasty. The pic with it all carved up has the flat in back and the...
  16. fliptetlow

    Sunday Redneck Breakfast (With Pics)

    Nice!!! Great looking breakfast .
  17. fliptetlow

    Nice day to fire up the stick

    170 wrapped and back in.
  18. fliptetlow

    Nice day to fire up the stick

    Bark is coming along nicely.
  19. fliptetlow

    Nice day to fire up the stick

    Nice Florida day to fire up the stick and toss a brisket and pork butt on. Will update as the day goes on.
  20. fliptetlow

    Smoking Baby Back Ribs

    On my stick I adjust the cooking time and depending on the ribs and I always do baby backs. Starting with a 2-2-1 time line but it moves around quite a bit. Spritz with apple juice and Bourbon during the cook. But again this is just on a wood stick burner.
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