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  1. rwilli

    Beef Rib Fingers ---Bonless?

    Picked 7 lbs of these up today, Planning on cooking/smoking them low and slow like regular ribs; Am I on the right track? I have never cooked these before, any comments or suggestions are appreciated
  2. rwilli

    Cooking pull pork for 400 plates---Got some questions

    Just some assumptions I am making, would like some input from the crowd to see if I am on the right track: 1. I am figuring 3 sandwiches per pound of pulled pork. 2. With bone in shoulders, I am figuring about 20 percent loss with bone and some trimming/cooking. 3. I am figuring 180 lbs...
  3. rwilli

    Yoder 640 top vs bottom grate

    I have had my Yoder 640 for about 6 months, have cooked on it many times and have made the following observations. On my machine, 1. The bottom center rack temperature runs almost identical to the set temp. 2. The top rack runs about 30 degrees cooler than the set point/bottom rack From...
  4. rwilli

    Question about Curing Salt

    I am preparing to make some Tasso Ham today using Chef Tom's recipe from ATBBQ. This recipe does call for 1/2 (15 g) of LEM backwoods cure for 5 pounds of meat which is 3 times what the normal recipe or package instructions call for. This quantity is repeated in both his video and written...
  5. rwilli

    Another Brisket

    Started a 9 lb brisket flat yesterday with a 3 layer rub (I added some Hungarian Hot Paprika to the BBQ rub for for a little kick---It worked) Let it sit overnight and started the cook on the Yoder 640 with mesquite at 3 AM this morning---finished at 2:30 PM. This brisket stalled at 145 for 2.5...
  6. rwilli

    Curing Summer Sausage?

    I am starting some summer sausage this weekend and the recipe I am using calls to cure the meat in the refrigerator for several days, I am thinking a week (7 Days) should do, but am not sure. I would appreciate any advice as to how long several days is. Thanks, Bob
  7. rwilli

    Santa Came Early

    After my last effort of stuffing sausage with a grinder attachment, I asked the Santa for an actual sausage stuffer, and he (She) delivered: This thing made stuffing sausages so much easier---worth every dime. It took less than 5 minutes to stuff 6 pounds of Brats. in addition to the green...
  8. rwilli

    Sometimes there are options to PRIME

    I was at the Military Commissary the other day and they happened to have bone-in rib roasts (Select) for 3.99 a pound----Cheaper than hamburger!!.. I couldn't resist and picked out 3 with decent marbling; 4lb, 6 lb and one 8 pounder. I had never cooked a rib roast before, so I started with...
  9. rwilli

    Last Dights Brisket

    Due to a dying refrigerator I was forced cook today's brisket last night. The brisket was 12 pounds and much leaner than most briskets i have cooked and had been well trimmed. I injected with beef broth and used a basic salt and pepper rub. In the middle of the cook (about 140 IT) I had a...
  10. rwilli

    Yoder 640 grill grates

    I just bought a set of the Yoder grill grates for my 640 and had a couple of questions: 1. Do you remove the grates when doing a regular smoke, or do you just leave them in place after you replace the heat shield? 2. When using the grates, does the entire grate area get hot enough to...
  11. rwilli

    Two Butts

    Smoking a couple of butts. One I fully cook and use for pulled pork. The other I am going to pull off at 160 IT and cube for Carne Adovada which I will mix with the red chile and freeze---When ready--------thaw, add 1/2 cup water and throw the dish in the oven for 1- 1 and 1/2 hours or until...
  12. rwilli

    Does altitude effect Time/Temp when smoking??

    Cooked another Brisket yesterday that yielded OK but not great results. Wrapped in Brown butcher paper at 160 degrees, I allowed the Briskett to cook untill 205 was reached. This is the third time I have tried to let a brisket get to the coveted 205 degrees and once again it cam out a little...
  13. rwilli

    New Yoder arrived, But......

    My new Yoder 640 arrived on Thursday; but since I was out of town, my wife had to take possession of it. Now, as many of you know, this was supposed to be delivered by Fed Ex Freight on a truck with a lift gate and delivered to your driveway or garage. So on my way home I am expecting to...
  14. rwilli

    New Treager Pellet Grill---Top 10 Questions

    I just purchased a Treager Pro 34 inch (first pellet grill) and although I have read a great deal and watched a lot of videos, I still have a few questions. I would greatly appreciate any answers you can provide. Questions: First, any pearls of wisdom or lessons learned when cooking with...
  15. rwilli

    Hello from New Mexico

    I have enjoyed reading this forum and have learned a great deal just from lurking—thanks. I Joined the forum and posted a question last week and you folks were so helpful, it got me motivated to buy a new Treager Pro 34 inch with several add-ons, (cover, two shelves etc.). I did this while...
  16. rwilli

    Made a mistake, but how bad

    At first attempt at curing pastrami I didn't understand what "Pink Salt" was and used "Himalayan" pink salt instead of sodium nitrite. Unfortunately, I did not realize this until my pastrami was already on the smoker. The question is: with all the other brineing instructions followed...
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