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  1. kfactor

    Cabinet style

    Am looking to build a new smoker right now I have a side fire box and want to switch to a cabinet style door with reverse flow . I was just wondering how do ppl like the cabinet style door over the flip up and is it worth doing the reverse flow ?
  2. kfactor

    Black soot

    I have a side fire box smoker that I made it seems like I get a the black soot on my ribs and what ever I make . Is there a way to not get that on the food ?
  3. kfactor

    Beef jerkey

    I want to try some jerkey this weekend for the second time first time was horrible . What cut of meat do u guys use and what temp I have a side fire box smoker
  4. kfactor

    A start to another smoker

    So I have decided to build another smoker . I build a side fire box last year and love it but I want to try a revers flow . I went and got 2 24"x36" pipe am building 2 one for me and one to sell . This is what I got so fare
  5. kfactor

    Digital thermometer

    I'm looking to get my first digital thermometer and was think of getting ether thecmaverick 733 or the igrill2 when it comes out .should I wait for the igrill2 or just get the mave ?
  6. kfactor

    Brick house

    Hi all I was thinking of building a brick smoker in my back yard and just had a few questions . Is there any type of brick I have to use and what about Mortar ? I wanted to do a smoker and BBQ all in one if I could
  7. kfactor

    Beef ribs

    I'm wanting to try some beef ribs for the first time .. Are they as good as pork ribs . Do u do them the same as pork ribs ?
  8. kfactor

    Yoder ys 480

    I'm think of getting a ys 480 it would be my first pellet smoker . And they as good as a side fire box ( I made one one love it). Am just looking for something to do long smokes in with out going back to my smoker every 15 mins to add wood . Can u get them in Canada?
  9. kfactor

    Pulled pork

    Am going to try pulled pork for the first time on my smoker . What's the best cut for it ? And what temp do u guys smoke it at
  10. kfactor

    Just a few questions

    I got some maple wood from my uncle it has been sitting for about 2 pr 3 years he said I got it home and started cutting it up and it has a Muskie smell to it is it ok to use yet or will it smell and give a awful tast ?
  11. kfactor


    Hi all am not to sure if I got this in the right spot but here gos . I was just wondering if any one has built something simmiler to a Scottsdale . I really want to make something simmiler to it it looks pretty cool and very versatile .
  12. kfactor


    Hi all not to sure if this is in he right place but I give it a go . I only burn wood in my smoker but I want to give lump a try with wood . I can only find royel oak in the blue bag is this stuff any good ? http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/royal-oak-lump-charcoal-10-lbs/10075143
  13. kfactor

    Just a few questions

    I was just wonder I just use wood in my side fire box and when ever I smoke my food allways gets so dark it almost looks burnt but its not what could be making it look so dark
  14. kfactor

    Digital temperature gauge

    Am looking for a good digital temp gauge . I mostly want it for the temp in my smoker . I was going to get the Igrill but not sure if I want that what do ppl recommend ?
  15. kfactor

    Rf / side fire box

    Whats better am looking to build another smoker bigger and better then my one I have now. What are your guys thoughts rf or another side fire box ?
  16. kfactor


    Hi all I was thinking of getting the igrill since I have a iPhone but just wondering is it worth getting I would just like it for temp of my smoker mostly and is there any other good ones out there for temp
  17. kfactor

    Fruit Wood

    Hi I live in sask Canada and I was just wondering were I could find some cherry wood or some fruity wood . We don't have much of that here . I was looking to get more chunks then chips if that makes sense . Are. Chips as good as say chucks or logs (I wish I could get that here )
  18. kfactor

    Heat plates

    Am just building some heat plates for my side fire box i just have a few questions . I got some flat plate steel and drilled holes in it and went from smaller to bigger but don't no how big of holes do drill and if my idea will work but all post some pics so u guys can see and tell me if it will...
  19. kfactor

    Just building my first smoker

    Hi all am new to smoking and am building my first smoker and I was just wondering do u guys put a drip tray in your smokes with a drain at the bottom with a valve to drain after your done smoking or do u just let it go in your smoker and all post some pics and tell me what u think
  20. kfactor

    New to Smoking

    hi my names Kevin am from sk can am just in the middle of building my first smoker and wondering if u guys can help me out with a few thing am nt to sure if this site is about homemade smokers and what not but just thought I would ask
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