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  1. baja traveler

    Smoked Ribeye - A Little differently

    Today I tried something different. At Christmas I got an Annova water immersion Sous Vide cooker. Having read that 4 hours in the water bath @ 130 degrees gives a fantastically juicy and tender steak, I tried it on several thick cut New York Strips, and the wife now wants it that way all the...
  2. Smoked Ribeye - A Little differently

    Smoked Ribeye - A Little differently

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  4. baja traveler


    Well, today I got talked into participating in a chili cookoff at work. Naturally I wanted to smoke something for it, so I popped in and typed "Chili" in the search bar and this thread popped up. In two weeks I'll be putting your recipe to the test! Now I just have to decide if beans will help...
  5. baja traveler

    Costco Prime Brisket Franklin Style(Kinda) w-Q View

    You've inspired me to try another one, looks awesome!  I agree on the oven - did my first straight through using the pellet smoker, then afterwards realized I'd just used about twenty bucks of prime flavor pellets just heating the thing to finish!
  6. baja traveler

    Bacon Cure containing White Pepper?

    Well, I had fully intended to let this rest for several days before digging in, but I just couldnt. Wife claimed that it was the best bacon she has ever had!
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  8. baja traveler

    Wood for smoking cheese

    I do 4 hours in Apple or Maple - most of the time mild cheddar, because thats what the wife likes...
  9. Bacon Cure containing White Pepper?

    Bacon Cure containing White Pepper?

  10. baja traveler

    Bacon Cure containing White Pepper?

    Well, its been 13 days since my initial post, and here is one third of the results - 10 day cure, racked friday night for pellicle formation - which was perfect by Saturday night. cold smoked 10 hours overnight using the AMNPS and Washington Apple pellets, then refrigerated and cold smoked...
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  12. baja traveler

    Anyone here own a Green Mountain pellet grill?

    Agreed - bought a Davey Crockett for the RV, and I am definitely the hit at the RV parks when I'm on the road! Amazing how 2 racks of ribs can draw a crowd far and wide. Last Thanksgiving I picked up a Daniel Boone to do the turkey in. Major hit with the family, everyone agreed that I would be...
  13. baja traveler

    Bacon Cure containing White Pepper?

    Going to do my first bacon this weekend. Bought a nice looking 8 pound belly from Costco, and by the calculator will require 9.27 grams of #1, 65.6 grams of Salt and 37.2 grams of Sugar.  I plan on curing for 10 days, then cold smoking using Washington Apple overnight (12-15 hours), then give...
  14. baja traveler

    First Brisket Sucess - but question if its worth it

    That's a great idea! - I'll do that next time now that I know that there is a layer of fat running down through the middle. I used Jeff's rub in this one, then followed up with a sprinkle of the Montreal Steak Seasoning. I really like that stuff, and will be using it more often now that I have it.
  15. baja traveler

    First Brisket Sucess - but question if its worth it

    So I did my first brisket ever last weekend, and it turned out awesome. My question is - is it really worth doing a small brisket, or did I get a bad cut of meat? Wanted to try brisket, and searched the local supply houses for one. Smart & Final only had a huge 24 pounder, and I didn't want to...
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  17. baja traveler

    First Pulled Pork on the New Daniel Boone

    After a successful turkey for thanksgiving I decided to do a few pork butts on the new GMG Daniel Boone. Brined the pork in Apple Cider, salt, brown sugar and assorted spices for three days in the fridge. Rubbed really good with Jeff's rub, then put the butts on at 6 am @ 250*, and they reached...
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