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  1. Happy Daytona Day

    Happy Daytona Day

  2. zombie13xx

    Happy Daytona Day

    Got a couple racks of babybacks in the mini.
  3. 20170226_115000.jpg


  4. zombie13xx

    My best brisket yet.

    Very Nice!!
  5. zombie13xx

    Saturday Butt

    4 hours in right at 140.
  6. 20160702_104350.jpg


  7. Saturday Butt

    Saturday Butt

  8. zombie13xx

    Saturday Butt

    Just dropped 8lb butt in for Saturday night fireworks. Going to try and get a few more pics as the cook continues but the beer and friends start flowing in around noon.
  9. 20160702_070019.jpg


  10. zombie13xx

    Post A Picture of Your COMPLETED Mini-WSM Here ! (Mini Weber Smokey Mountain, MWSM)

    Yes, using a 1/4" round steel plate that I will cover with foil for easy clean up.
  11. 20160326_141448.jpg


  12. 20160326_141510.jpg


  13. zombie13xx

    Post A Picture of Your COMPLETED Mini-WSM Here ! (Mini Weber Smokey Mountain, MWSM)

    Needing a small smoker for camping I finally found a pot available at wally world. Not sure if I'll get around to painting but here she is in all her glory.
  14. 20160326_141432.jpg


  15. zombie13xx

    Any smokes going on today?

    Sounds like we have some sweet smokes going on today.
  16. zombie13xx

    Any smokes going on today?

    Decided to fireup the smoker this morning, looks like its going be a babyback Sunday for us. Anybody else doing a smoke today?
  17. zombie13xx

    Brisket for lunch

    A cold and rainy Saturday looks a little brighter. Only about a 1/4 smoke ring but hey its moist and tasty.
  18. Brisket for lunch

    Brisket for lunch

  19. 20151003_130737.jpg


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