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  1. ksmoker

    Graduation for 300

    Hey guys need a little help with figuring out amounts, I was asked to cook for 350 people for a graduation. Doing pork butts, if they run between 8-10 pounds how many do you guys feel I should cook. Thanks
  2. ksmoker

    Large air tank

    I have an 80gal. air tank, thick walled very heavy. I had 2 of them made a smoker for a friend don't really need the other, not asking a lot just what I got it for.
  3. ksmoker

    Green Chillies

    Planted 45 plants this spring and just finished roasting the last of them, what a great year. This weekend going to load up the dehydrator and make some red chilli powder, I use a lot of it in rubs. Really been blessed
  4. ksmoker

    Best ways to remove leftover oil in tank

    My buddy brought me a 200 gal. oil tank that he wants made into a smoker, the tank had about 3 or 4 gals. of oil inside which i already removed. What can i do to really clean it out other than burning it at this point.
  5. ksmoker

    What luck

    Was out on a beautiful day and came up on a garage sale and found a New Braunfels smoker off set for 5 bucks, the guy said he put it together and never used it. This baby is heavy, i have an off set but this baby is well built.
  6. ksmoker


    Got a question, a freind of mine caught a few turttle's last year and was asking me to smoke it, i was going to wrap it in bacon, should i just smoke until the bacon is done or what is the proper way to check it. Thanks
  7. ksmoker

    Just Want'n To Say Thanks

    With my recent move to Ohio from Albuquerque i have'nt been around alot of family, but today was a great day. My mother asked if i could smoke a loin and some ABT's, this is the first time i have ever smoked for family, and it was great, they loved everything. I just want to say thanks to all...
  8. ksmoker

    Smoker Ashes

    Anyone have good ideas on the dispossal of the left over ashes after a good smoke out.
  9. ksmoker

    Different Name same guy

    I used to go by KOJO but since the changes and the move i made from Albuquerque to Ohio i'll go with ksmoker. Been here since 07 i believe and love everything about this place.
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