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    Venison/Elk Whole Muscle Jerky Recipes

    I was wondering if anyone had any marinades for whole muscle jerky that they wouldn't mind sharing? I have done jerky but looking for the new flavor. Thanks for sharing!
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    Digital meat thermometer recommendations

    Hey everyone, I am looking for recommendations for a digital meat thermometer for my smoker. Was wondering if 3 or 4 probs is good to have. I saw one that had 4 probs bluetooth and a magnet to attached it to the smoker. Wanted to get your thoughts on what brand was good. Im looking for...
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    Pork Fat Question for Elk and Venison

    I have a probably silly question but when you do your ratios for Elk and Venison summer and snack sticks and you want to add some pork to it do you used just the fat or do you use the fat and meat of a pork butt and or shoulder? Im a newbie!!! I am thinking just the fat. I have been searching...
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    Pellet Smoker or Elecric Smoker

    Good evening everyone, I am going to be purchasing a Masterbuilt smoker and after looking at their website they have both pellet and wood chip smokers. Wanted to get your thoughts on which direction to go... These are the models I am looking into purchasing. I have read Bears recommendations...
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    First time Smoker Here, Unthawing meat question

    Good afternoon all, I am a first time processor. I have all the products I need to make venison/ elk summer sausage and snack sticks and now I have one question. I have weighed out the amounts of meat that I need to make each batch however what is the best way to unthaw the meat in order to...
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    New Smoker Help

    Looking at purchasing a new electric smoker. I am not sure size however thinking bigger then smaller. I am looking at Masterbuilt. However which model would your recommend??? Thank you for your time and help
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    Looking to purchase first smoker need help!

    I have been doing a lot of research and I am looking into purchasing my first smoker. I have been doing a lot of research and was looking at a Masterbuilt. I noticed form other postings from 2016 that the MES 40 Bluetooth Generation 2.5 smoker unless there is something new MB has for sale that...
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    Elk and Venison Smokin for the first time

    Good morning all. I am going to be making some summer sausage, breakfast sausage, hot dogs, snack sticks and am planning on just buying a company's pre-packaged spices from Waltons. Typically my father and I would just take our meat to a processor and have them do it however now that I have...
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    Wild Game Help!

    Good afternoon everyone. I am hoping I can get some help and or some opinions. I have Elk and Venison that I would like to make into some smoked meats for a special event (Wedding) that I am hosting. I am not trying to gain anyone's world famous recipes just a all around good recipe that will...
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    Which Sausage Stuffer to go with

    Looking at purchasing a #11 stuffer. I am looking at these brands 1. Walton's 2. Weston 3. Cabelas only considering the Cabelas one for the possibility of adding the motor to it in the future. What are your thoughts and opinions. I looked at LEM however they are a little of of my price range...
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    Sausage Stuffer

    Looking at purchasing a sausage stuffer and have a few questions for the professionals. 1. Plastic or stainless stuffing funnels? 2. Size of stuffing funnels. I will me making mostly snack sticks, summer sausage and brats. From what I have been researching some people are having a hard time...
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