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  1. ducksanddogs

    SS IT Falling?

    I’ve followed methods I’ve seen on here and started at 120F to dry for 2 hours, increasing temp by 10F every hour until I get to 170F and then planned on letting it ride until IT reached 152F. Went to bed at 136F and set an alarm to check on it in 4 hours. Just went to have a look at IT is now...
  2. ducksanddogs


    I have a MES 40 and I usually do a ~8.5lb pork butt at 225 until internal temp is ~198 for pulled pork. It usually takes me all night and part of the next day and then I wrap in a cooler until ready to serve. I put one in last night around 10PM. The last chips I put in were around 12. I went...
  3. ducksanddogs

    Hopefully this turns out well...

    I figured I'd put this on here...  Definitely not the healthiest of meals, that's for sure! I took a pork loin and butterflied it, made a bacon weave, laid the loin on the weave, covered it with the seasoning that I used on the pork shoulder, cut open 2 sticks of boudin and put the stuffing in...
  4. ducksanddogs

    New to the forum

    I'm new to the forum; but I've been smoking meat for a few years.  I mainly do pork and birds.  I grew up in NC and have eaten Lexington style BBQ for as long as I can remember. I'm currently using an MES 40.  I thought an electric smoker was blasphemy; but, after picking one up (and since I'm...
  5. ducksanddogs

    Alaskan ABT's?

    I just moved to Texas a few months ago; but, my freezer is still full of caribou meat from a huge bull I shot in August (SCI Gold, for those who care). So, tonight, alongside the butt that's been in the MES 40 for the last 5 1/2 hours, I'm going to make some ABT's.  I'm going to stuff jalapenos...
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