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  1. ioulord247

    Can I overcure a ham ?

    Well, I am curing a black forrest style ham and due to circumstances it will cure about twice the recommended time.I have been curing my hams 1 day per 2 lbs , or 6 days for this weight of ham ( 11 lbs ), but will end up being cured for 12 days. I did notice on my last ham with this cure recipe...
  2. ioulord247

    My finished Christmas ham

    Well, i took my ham out of the cure & soaked for 1 hour to make sure it was not too salty, it has been curing for 8 days in my refrigerator; i then had to dry it overnight. I fired up the Ugly Drum Smoker and put the ham on at 9:30 am using avocado wood as the smoking wood. I smoked it 6 hours &...
  3. ioulord247

    smoking a wet cured ham

    Well, I finally found my prague powder and bought a ham, this is a hind leg ham and not a picnic ham if that makes a difference or not. I prepared it and just now put it in the refrigerator in the cure, it weighs 12 1/2 lbs. I could use any hints on smoking it, temp & time to smoke. Also, any...
  4. ioulord247

    Who here is living in the Philippines ?

    Who here is living in the Philippines ? A lot of times I am trying to find stuff and maybe we can help one another find what we need
  5. ioulord247

    New to Forum

    Hey gang,   My name is Steve Dallas , I am from Florida but have been living in Davao City Philippines for almost 8 years now. I wanted to buy a smoker but they are hard to find and very expensive so I built one out of a 55 gallon drum; it leaks a tad around the lid but I have no problem...
  6. ioulord247

    pork shoulder roast

    Well, I recently built a smoker out of a 55 gallon barrel and it came out good, a few leaks around the lid but I can control the temp fine. I smoked a turkey for thanksgiving and it was the best I ever ate !   I decided my next victim would be a pork shoulder roast. I don't know why but it...
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