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  1. old golfer guy

    Reheating stuffed peppers

    Going to a gathering this weekend and want to take bacon wrapped stuffed peppers. Do you think it would work to smoke the peppers at home, put in a covered pan to transport and reheat on a gas grill or in the oven before serving? Wife thinks they might be a little soggy after resting for...
  2. old golfer guy

    Reheating candied bacon

    We will be in the RV ( actually outside the RV) with family on X Mas eve. I want to make candied bacon but have to do it before hand and reheat it for the family. Any suggestions as to the best way to reheat, or just eat it cold. Thanks Stay safe, stay healthy
  3. old golfer guy

    Beef Ribs/ person?

    Smoking some Costco beef ribs for my B. D. party but I need some help on amount per person. We are a bunch of old fools in our 70s. Any ideas. Also the time for beef ribs? A. Franklin says about 12 hrs but I see a lot of threads here that are for about 5 to6 hrs of cook time?? Thanks
  4. old golfer guy

    Hatch Green Chiles

    Wife just came home with a big bag of Hatch Chiles. Have any of you made poppers with these?? Need to make any changes? Taste? Thanks
  5. old golfer guy

    Menu help

    My birthday is on Mon. and what I like to do is cook ( smoke ) for my friends. Planning on Jeffs Bacon Shooters, cheese and crackers for starters. D. W. is doing dessert. I will smoke Costco beef ribs. Question is what to serve as sides with the ribs??? Smoked mac & cheese, cole slaw, potatoes...
  6. old golfer guy

    Pulled Pork help

    Put 2 8lb butts on the Kamado at 6:00AM expecting to eat at 6:PM Thankfully the dinner was cancelled by noon. The pork was not done by 11:00 that night!! Never got to 170 degrees so I wrapped in foil and thru in the oven for awhile at 350 then shredded it. Flavor of meat is OK but very dry and...
  7. old golfer guy

    1/2 lb/ pereson?

    Doing a brisket on the 4th. Is 1/2 lb / person of trimmed prime brisket enough for 15 seniors? Thanks
  8. old golfer guy

    Brisket reheat

    I have taken smoked ribs and froze, then SVed to reheat at 155 to serve a crowd while RVing with decent results ( thanks to all your input). Not as good as just out of the smoker but OK. Thinking of doing the same with a brisket in Sept. for about 30 people. Has any body done this? any...
  9. old golfer guy

    Reheating smoked rib temps in SV

    I have smoked BB ribs in the freezer. After defrosting at what temp and for how long would you SV? I have done this at 120 buy thought maybe 140 to 160 might be OK. Any thoughts? Thanks
  10. old golfer guy

    Tomahawk ribs

    D.W. brought home a big ass Tomahawk steak from Costco for our 25th tomorrow. Need some ideas of how to cook-- smoke this monster. I have a MBP, Kamado, Sous Vide and 22" Weber. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. old golfer guy

    T. T reheat times

    I have seasoned, smoked (about 90 min) then sved 4 tri tips for 4 hrs and frozen till next week. On Wed. I will have 6 more Luau T. T.s to sv, those will also be done about 4 hrs. Always did 2 hrs before but lots of people say longer is better. The real question I have is how long will it take...
  12. old golfer guy

    Tri Tip cooking time

    I have SVed T. T. roasts before for 2 hrs @ 125 and they have come out great. But now I am reading articles that say 6 to 12 hrs. What are your suggestions for timeing on T. T.s Thanks Dale
  13. old golfer guy

    Prime rib cook time

    I want to cook a slow cook a prime rib for Thanksgiving day. Plan on a temp of about 225. roast will be about 6 to 8 lbs. Any idea of the time per lb? Thanks
  14. old golfer guy

    Beef Ribs

    Want to smoke 2 packs of Costco ribs this Sat. Looked at a few recipes on here and most folks do 225 to 250for about 4.5 hrs. Looked at A. franklin's book and he smokes at 285 for 8 to 9 hrs?? I have only done them once before on my Kamado and that was for about 5hrs. What is the best time and...
  15. old golfer guy

    BBQ Guru mods

    My BBQ guru works great on my Kamado as long as I keep replacing batteries!! When I got it about 1 year ago I saw a mod that wires it to an electrical plug. Can't find it now. Anybody done this or know where I can get the info?? Thanks
  16. old golfer guy

    Creme Broulee

    Done C B for 8 people and turned out great. Heading out on an R.V. trip and want to do it for 24. I would like to it in I batch with 2 S. V.s and 2 pots but don't think I can get 12 jars in the pots I have all on the bottom. Has anybody tried stacking one jar on top of 4 others, not directly on...
  17. old golfer guy

    S. V. Corned Beef

    Searched SV C.B.and found most were from at least 11 months ago. Looking for more recent imput on C. B. Looking at the older posts I came away with 2 trains of thought for store bought C. B. Cook 10 hrs at 180 or 135 to 145 for 24 to 48 hrs. I don't have time for the 60 hr cook and feel the...
  18. old golfer guy

    Curing problems

    Doing my first pork cure. A 8.5 lb shank. Brine is I gal. water 3/4 cup pickling salt, 11/3 cup brown sugar and 6 tea Cure #1. Was going to inject 38 oz. of brine but my cheap injector broke and only got 24 oz. in. Can the rest be injected later? or am I OK as is. Plan on leaving in refer for 7...
  19. old golfer guy

    smoking ham shank

    Need some more help for the vets. I wanted to do cure and smoke a whole leg for Thanksgiving but the meat dept at my store has not been able to get them from there supplier so I bought a fresh shank portion instead. I'm pretty sure of the way to cure it from all the info found on this...
  20. old golfer guy

    Flat brisket question

    Have always done full packers on my Kamado and have had success. I have a 4.5 lb flat that I want to do Sun. but am concerned about it drying out. Plan on seasoning then smoking for about 3 hrs, in the bath for 24 hrs and finish on a hot grill. Do you think it should be injected to keep it moist...
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