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  1. Alsta

    bark or no bark

    Where in NJ? I'm on a hunt for a supplier as well for both cooking & Fire pit wood
  2. Alsta

    insulated blanket

    Ok, Sorry but Grill Blanket? As in a blanket for the grill when cooking? Like a insulation wrap for a water heater / water pipe?
  3. Alsta

    New here

    Greetings from NJ!
  4. Alsta

    Trying to choose smoker for husband. Is it worth waiting for Memorial Day or Father's Day sales?

    I am still new here to the forums and to smoking, But I have been having alot of success with the Char-Griller Texas Trio Grill. It is Propane / Charcoal with an offset smoker, made of cast iron. I find it is great for the quick cooks ( propane ) The semi-slow stuff ( Charcoal cooking ) and...
  5. Alsta

    50% OFF Discount for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer ---$27.49

    Hello, I would like the code please if still available
  6. Alsta

    Mom passed on this morning

    Sorry to hear of your loss.
  7. Alsta

    New Member From CT

    Welcome from NJ!
  8. Alsta

    New here

    Welcome from NJ, I don't know much about that set-up as I'm still green wood to the Smoking world. But this group is full of knowledgeable people. I'm sure you will get your answer!
  9. Alsta

    Indian Hills Punny Signs

    Wait - These are real? I always thought they were just photoshopped like the majority of everything on the 'net
  10. Alsta

    Smoking Sundays

    At the house, I kind of taken over sunday night dinner with spending the day smoking ( Gets me out of the cleaning day - Need to tend the grill :) ) last night, Smoked up 2 pork shoulders - each about 9ish lbs. Started with a basic mustard coat / McCormick Applewood rub on Saturday night...
  11. Alsta

    Smoker tube on coals or on grate?

    A mix of flavors, It was a bag full that I got from Amazon, Worked great for learning basics - just needed to get something better as I dislike propane ( Might as well cook on the stove )
  12. Alsta

    SMF Spring 2021 Pennsylvania Gathering

    Sadly Will not be able to make it, The little lady is working doubles both Saturday and Sunday
  13. Alsta

    Smoker tube on coals or on grate?

    Don't know if I'm brave enough to go cold smoking yet. Still new to the smoking game in general and would like to get a better grip on hot smoke first
  14. Alsta

    Smoker tube on coals or on grate?

    First off, Thank you all for your great advise on a number of questions I've had. Now without further adieu, another question! I have a pellet tube and a bunch of pellets that I don't want to dispose of now that I've made the switch to a charcoal smoker. Can I fill the tube and place it right...
  15. Alsta

    Fancy Wood Products. (Bear Jr)

    you say he's on ETSY, What is the shop name? I tried off the tag, but maybe I'm just not reading it right?
  16. Alsta

    SMF Spring 2021 Pennsylvania Gathering

    Yes please, as well as a reminder of the day. I'll talk with my little lady and see if she and I can escape the kids for a day or so
  17. Alsta

    SMF Spring 2021 Pennsylvania Gathering

    For those of us not confident enough in our skill-sets yet, can we just attend and eat ( and pick information)??
  18. Alsta

    Meat from Costco?

    I've gotten pork shoulders from my local Costco a number of times - If you can catch them on sale, you can get great prices. Never had an issue with the quality, and before I got my good smoker, I did a propane/smoker tube smoke on one and it turned out amazing.
  19. Alsta

    New in Northeast Indiana

    Greetings from NJ!
  20. Alsta

    Got a bad case of loving Q!

    Welcome from NJ!
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