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  1. daves1811

    COLD Smoking Cheese on the Smokin-It#3

    Wow!!! Well done!!! When I've done cold smoked blue I always leave it vacuum sealed for at least 1 month before opening, and the soft cheeses like Brie and havarti for at least 2 weeks. The hard cheeses were also at least 2 weeks before opening to let the smoke mellow in the cheese! Once...
  2. daves1811

    I will NOT give up on my AMZNPS !

    I don't have the pellet tray, I have the dust tray and had a heck of a time keeping mine out also. I noticed with the dust tray that I had to really pack the dust into the tray and using a butane torch on the lighting end for at least 1 minute is a mandatory. After that I would gently blow on...
  3. daves1811

    My First Brisket!! (W/Q-View)

    Bwarbiany - It was called a First Cut from the butcher that I got it from, approx 6.5lb, I think it would be considered a brisket flat though??? I remember the guy saying it did not have the point attached
  4. daves1811

    My First Brisket!! (W/Q-View)

    Alright everyone!!  I've done everything I can do and here's the rundown from my log book, and what I think I would change differently: 1. 0645: Pulled brisket from fridge and washed and dried before lathering with French's mustard, set at room temp 2. 0745: Placed my all purpose rub on both...
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  12. daves1811

    My First Brisket!! (W/Q-View)

    Sounds good to me!!   I've gotten to an IT of 204*F so I pulled the brisket and wrapped it in a towel and dropped her into my cooler and set the timer.. it's 12:51PM, so the next post and Q-View shall be in 2 hours, thanks for hanging with me through my slight "crisis" on the forums geerock!
  13. daves1811

    My First Brisket!! (W/Q-View)

    Sounds good, we hit 167*F at 11:24AM so I pulled it and just did a double foil wrap, and poured some room temperature beef broth into the bottom of the foil wrap to give it some extra juice .  Put it back on and the temp climbed up to about 174*F, which was taken at 11:33AM. It's 11:46AM and...
  14. daves1811

    My First Brisket!! (W/Q-View)

    Geerock, Thanks for the reminder on the rest period. I planned on putting the brisket in a pan and covering with foil when it hits 165*F IT. Should I take it out of the pan when it reaches 200*F, wrap it in foil and pour the juices in the foil and put it in a cooler or just put the whole pan...
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  16. daves1811

    My First Brisket!! (W/Q-View)

    Hello Forum, I've been doing chicken and pork for a bit now and decided to branch out into the beef! Picked up a nice brisket flat from a local butcher approx 6.5 lb (figured that's a safe start in case I turn it into a beef brick). At the advice of a few friends who have made great brisket, I...
  17. My First Brisket!! (W/Q-View)

    My First Brisket!! (W/Q-View)

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  20. daves1811

    Successful Brisket! (w/Qview)

    What an awesome cook!! Love the load out in the Texas from Traeger. I've got the Lil Tex and it's a great smoker, got one question on your cook times. With the 9lb brisket, do you remember what your total cook time was at 225F?
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