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  1. spacetrucker

    August 2017 Throwdown - Yardbird Voting Thread

    Nice entries, job well done by all.
  2. spacetrucker

    Texas beef smoked sausage

    Poke-Jo's is basically a beef sausage with some black pepper in it. From the reading and sausage making I do, the "café grind" or 16 sieve black pepper and kosher salt performs better than anything else I have worked with. I like you am working on a copy cat from another sausage maker in this...
  3. brined grilled chicken.JPG

    brined grilled chicken.JPG

  4. spacetrucker

    What do you tell people when they ask about a smoker?

    I have not worn out my first webber kettle, I have worn out a couple gassers, finally bought a webber and it continues to last like the kettle does, in addition to the electric, and two pellet smokers, like you all say if I could only have one... it would have to be the webber kettle...
  5. spacetrucker

    When to use Butcher Paper, When to foil?

    I have cooked both hot and fast (350 degrees) and low and slow 225 others still at 250 degrees, with a foil wrap, a butcher paper wrap and no wrap, so far I prefer the 250 degree cook, fat side toward the fire,  after about 6 or 8 hours butcher paper wrap then continue to cook until probe tender...
  6. spacetrucker

    Block smoker build need advice please.

    looks like you have a good start on your smoker build. As for the cracking makes me curious is it above the fire brick lining? or below? you may have to line the insides or not? watching what the other say...
  7. spacetrucker

    REC TEC pellet smoker, are they that good?

    got to chime in on the Cookshack aka fast eddy fec100, have had one for 5 years now, have a Traeger Texas offset 075  for, 10 plus years, gonna sell the Traeger some day or trade it, for ?? the reason is the pellet efficiency, hard to put in to words but the FEC100 is leaps and bounds above the...
  8. spacetrucker

    Oilin' cheese

    PM sent to MR. T asked him to check on this thread and answer some questions...
  9. spacetrucker

    1ST attempt at smoking cheese.

    I am afraid that the weather is going to force the die hard smokers to start using ice to keep the temps down for the cheese smoking....
  10. spacetrucker

    First cheese smoke and AMS use w/Q

    I need an extra garage for the fridge
  11. spacetrucker

    1ST attempt at smoking cheese.

    the color is accomplished with dye, in the commercial world as best as I can tell. I have never really been concerned about it, just the lag time between the smoker and the mouth.. 3 to 6 weeks
  12. spacetrucker

    Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View

    great thread, I have smoked a lot of cheese and very much enjoyed reading this thread,  I am quite sure I learned several things.
  13. smokin cheese.JPG

    smokin cheese.JPG

  14. smoking cheese.JPG

    smoking cheese.JPG

  15. spacetrucker

    What's your favorite wood for cheese?

    Thanks for the picture, I like the way you have that set up..
  16. spacetrucker

    Finally score on a Frig.

    planning on doing a build myself so I'll watch for pictures and progress reports....
  17. spacetrucker

    How big of heating elements to use?

    Following to see what responses you get.... 220 volt 50 amp could power quite a large heat element the size of most houses use for winter warmth. I am planning a build as well but not that intense, my plans are going to be for cheese sausage in a smaller cabinet, say 24" by 24" by 6 feet tall...
  18. spacetrucker

    What's your favorite wood for cheese?

    my favorite wood thus far is apple, however I read about people using corn cobs and pecan shells I have not tried either yet   I would really like to see pictures of the wine barrel smoker...
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