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  1. iowa josh83

    For Sale: Old General Electric Fridge for Smoker Conversion

    Hey since I just got introduced to this group I thought I would put this out there. Stumbled across an old GE fridge that someone was getting rid of, paid them $100 for it. Then found an even cooler Frigidaire so I'm getting rid of the GE. Anyone want it? Asking what i have in it, $100. I'm...
  2. iowa josh83

    Converting my 220V to 110V

    I'm tired of not being able to take my smoker places because they do not have 220V available. Like any competition. So I want to convert it to run on 110V. Here's my setup today: Old GE fridge, running an old GE oven broiler element (220V) controlled by the oven's electronic control board. I...
  3. iowa josh83

    Smoking 4 Turkeys: Q view!

    So I had posted a while back about needing to smoke 5 birds for my in-laws thanksgiving. Link: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/152319/5-turkeys-for-thanksgiving-any-tips-or-tricks Well, 5 birds has turned into 4 but I still wanted to provide you guys the Q view I had promised so here's the...
  4. iowa josh83

    5 Turkeys for Thanksgiving, Any Tips or Tricks?

    I've been asked to cook 5 Turkey's for my wife's family Thanksgiving. There a bunch of us and we all love our turkey. I plan to use my tried and true Turkey brine (which I can't find the recipie for at this moment) that has orange juice and cranberry juice in it. Has turned out some nice birds...
  5. iowa josh83

    Napoleon 67011 Stainless Steel Pipe Smoker

    I stumbled across this device and thought "hmmm I thought Todd had the patent on this. Then again maybe not or maybe its not a violation of patent laws. Anyway, anyone every used one? Seems like it needs more holes to be efficient like the AMPS. Price has the AMPS beat by a bunch, I saw this...
  6. iowa josh83

    BBB: Is it Ruined?

    I cured up some BBB last week and started the smoker last night with my AMPS and checked it at 12am everything was going great. Shortly after my AMPS went out (probably didn't mix the cherry with enough apple/hickory). I've never had this problem before. I would guess it only got maybe 2hrs of...
  7. iowa josh83

    Headed Through Kansas City Where Should I Stop??

    Hey everyone, my wife and I are headed to Kansas this weekend, the route takes us through Kansas City. Just wondering if anyone has any recommended stops for us? Thinking a BBQ place for lunch but I'd also like to check out any cool BBQ stores where I might find a gadget I have to have. We...
  8. iowa josh83

    What's in the GMG Fruitwood Blend Pellets???

    I use pellets in my AMPS and usually buy from Todd but I found a 28lbs bag of “Fruitwood” blend Green Mountain pellets at a local small business for $19.99. I thought it was a great deal but I want to know more about what is actually in the pellets before I buy. I searched the internet but found...
  9. iowa josh83

    First Time Makin' Bacon w/Qview

    Hey all, I've been wanting to do this for a while and since I was off on paternity leave I thought I might as well knock it out. I should state that I did not have access to any pork bellies so I used the fattest part of a butt, I think guys are calling this Buck Board Bacon (not sure on this)...
  10. iowa josh83

    Trying a Ham

    I'm following POP's recipe but all I could find was "Dutch Curing Salt" at my local bulk food store. I'll admit I didn't pay much for it so I'm not out much but I don't want to screw up using it instead of the #1 Pink stuff. Anyone ever heard of "Dutch" curing salt? It does have a pink hue to it...
  11. iowa josh83

    New to Cheese Smoking

    So I built my own cold smoking attachment for my refrigerator conversion smoker. Fired it up for the first time and smoked some cheese on Wednesday. My temps never got above 60 degrees. Is this too cold for smoking cheese? I didn't know if there was such a thing. Maybe you need to warm the...
  12. iowa josh83

    Here's My Fridge Build: Mid build

    I didn't join SMF until I had already started this build so I don't have any pics from early in the build and here is where I'm at. I've stripped out all the plastic (or whatever that material was) out of it. Bought a 8x4ft sheet of 24ga steel ($24) and cut out replacements for the door and the...
  13. iowa josh83

    Acronym List

    In my line of work (military training) we deal with a ton of different acronyms. But there sure are a few you guys all use here on SMF that I'm not familiar with. Has anyone ever compiled an acronym list and posted it as a sticky for all us new members? Here's a few that come to mind: Q view -...
  14. iowa josh83

    Thermometer for Fridge Conversion

    Ok so I'm nearly done with my fridge build, I'm just getting the last few items I need. One of which is a thermometer that is long enough to go through my fridge wall. Anyone got any suggestions? Also, how can a mount the thermometer? All of them I've seen only have about 3/4" of threads, my...
  15. iowa josh83

    Suggestions for Sealing up Bolt Holes

    Title says it all. My fridge interior has several holes from the bolts that held shelves and what not. What should I use to seal up these holes? Some might get used for shelf brackets but the others I will need to seal up. Thanks! -Josh
  16. iowa josh83

    Hey Everybody!!

    I've owned my Brinkmann Gourmet electric smoker for years and have just started on my fridge conversion, that's when I found this site. I'm hooked like a catfish on a bank pole!! Wanted to hop on here and say hello to everyone. I've noticed many of you guys list what you own in your signatures...
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