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  1. dingo007

    Back in the game.......soonish!

    Howdy all Been out of the loop for a while whilst travelling and relocating back Australia. Unfortunately came home to no smoker! Although I did find an old Weber kettle I forgot I had! Anyway...to the point...through my work I come across a pretty regular supply of these guys....I'm thinking...
  2. dingo007


    Howdy all, Well....our travels around this country are about to come to an end. Its time to lighten the load before heading back to Australia. So my Mini WSM is up for grabs FREE. You just gotta pick it up. It is a two rack set up with a decent thermometer and dual air ports. It will come...
  3. dingo007

    Post Paddy's day Pastrami

    With corned beef on sale after National Drunk Irishman day and a hankering for a Ruben it seemed time to make some Pastrami. A quick hit on the SMF search button and it was done. Soaked for a day with 3 water changes. Rubbed with mustard and a 2:1 mix of BP and coriander. Wrapped and rested...
  4. dingo007

    Why aren't beef ribs more popular?

    I just did these...just spog and 4hrs over Pecan. Did them on the lower level of the mini wsm with street corn on top. Came out amazing. Don't get me wrong. I like me some pork ribs... But at $7 for an 8 rib rack for these boys I now have my go to ribs. Maybe it just an Aussie thing?
  5. dingo007

    Dingo's Smokey Travels

    Hey all, My family and I are traveling the US of the next 12 months and I plan to hit as many Que/Smoke Houses as my arteries and family with tolerate. I've got another thread going if you want to make a recommendation. Here I will post the venue/location and my humble/not so experienced...
  6. dingo007

    Xmas Dinner

    Sorry for the late post....having reception problems; Anyhow....We've been sampling various Q on our travels through Texas so I wanted to do a Texas style Xmas Que dinner. The locals at the RV Park in Aransas Pass were raising their eyebrows when I broke out the MES and the Mini. The Prime...
  7. dingo007

    Little rack of lamb

    Wife was hankering for lamb....I was itching to use my new mini..... It was perfect... I like my new mini!
  8. dingo007

    HEB Plus has Vasconia pots @ $15 ea

    Heads up for Texan mini wannabes I was in the HEB Plus on Potranco Rd in San Antonio west today... Had the Vasconia pots for $15 and the IMUSA for $24. Lots of both in stock
  9. dingo007

    Help building my Mini?

    Howdy All, I hoping someone here could help me out with building my Mini. We are traveling in a RV Trailer for the next 12 months and I didn't have time to build my mini before leaving Colorado and all my shop tools. I have the materials..for the most part, just need some tools and a few...
  10. dingo007

    Travelling and need your advise

    Hi all, The family and I are leaving next week on a 12 month round tour of the lower 48 in our RV.  So i wanted to throw it out there and ask you guys a couple of questions; - We are leaving from SW Colorado and will head down through NM into Texas over the next month or so. Hit me with the...
  11. dingo007


    Hi all, We're moving very soon and need to clear a few things. So my temp and humidity controllers are up for grabs cheap. Traceable Control Company Temp Controller with timer. Can be set to heat or cool. https://traceable.com/products/controllers/4130.html Green Air Products THC-1 Humidity...
  12. dingo007

    Cabeza Tacos

    With winter approaching.....beef cheek is popping up cheap....i've braised it plenty, but never smoked it. So my plan is to marinade some cheek overnight, toss in the MES30 for a couple of hours over smoke, then braise it till tender. Kicking off the marinade..... trimmed the cheek down...
  13. dingo007

    First crack at this jerky business....

    I never got around to making jerky until we had to move house and I lost my curing chamber....now my stash of cured stuff is all but gone i figured I give jerky a try... After reading this forum until my eyes bled...i decided on Nepas' Teriyaki recipe using top round... Partially frozen and...
  14. dingo007

    Birthday Prime Rib

    I've had this two rib prime rib in the freezer for a while now. I was originally going to cut into thick steaks and reverse sear em...However, since I've never smoked a whole prime rib before and it was my eldest sons 5th birthday I decided to do it.  I didn't try anything to tricky for my...
  15. dingo007

    My First Butt

    Even though I've been smoking stuff for a while now...the Picnic and Butt rarely make it past my grinder for sausage duties. Well, today I lost my virginity. I had a very large leg from the last hog I slaughtered  that was destined to be ham, but turned out to be to fatty. So i gave it a rub and...
  16. dingo007

    Curing Chamber for sale....CHEAP!

    Hey Hey...The wife & I have sold our house and need to move out real soon. I dont have the room to move my curing chamber into the new place. Anyone interested? I'm at ZIP 81432...but travel between 81435 & 81401 regularly. It's a simple fridge/humidistat/humidifier/johnson temp controller and...
  17. dingo007

    Brined & Apple/Ruhbarb Stuffed Pork Loin

    During my last escapade to Wally World I came accross one last whole pork loin @ $1.78/lb and snapped that baby up. I cut it into some nice sized pork steaks and a chunk for smoking..... Made up a variation of Chef Jimmy's brine (due to available pantry) and brined the chops for 8hrs (will...
  18. dingo007

    Awesome Filing Cabinet

    This is worth a look!
  19. dingo007

    Sort of Steak & Kidney Pie

    To clarify....we're talking Aussie meat pies....the sort you can eat one handed, whilst driving down the F1 in peak hour on the phone! I've never done that...I digress; Wifey & I are dealing with the fact we have to relocate in 4 weeks....so I'm trying to thin the freezer, so I had to do...
  20. dingo007

    A couple of Cornish Game Hens

    I luv me some smoked yard birds...so to my pleasant surprise I found a two pack in the freezer and wasted no time getting them into the MES30. I usually use Slaughterhouse brine for my birds, but felt like experimenting a little this time. My brine was; 2 Qts of Water 1 Cup Soy 1 Cup Dark...
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