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  1. cuebiz

    VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    I have 2 of them. The older model at my business, and the newer model at home. Both are great machines. This machine will take up to 12x14" bags! I make larger batches of soup,pulled pork, beans etc.,and freeze them. The 12x14" bag holds about 3/4gal. of soup. I don't think you will be...
  2. cuebiz

    VAC Master VP112 problems

    I have two of the same machines you have, and that only happens to me when the contents are slightly warm.
  3. cuebiz

    The Good One

    I bought mine through Firecraft.com. Great outfit to deal with.
  4. cuebiz

    The Good One

    I forgot to mention that I cold smoked some cheese, using an Amazen tube smoke generator.
  5. cuebiz

    The Good One

    The Good One is definitely a top shelf smoker-grill. I have "The Marshall". This thing produces quality products, and is very easy to control temps. I would definitely buy again. AMERICAN MADE in northern Missouri. I've smoked "literally" a couple hundred # of pork butts, many many racks of...
  6. cuebiz

    Good-One Marshal or not???

    I purchased my Marshall in Sep. I couldn't be happier! Temperature adjustments are very responsive and easy. I've cooked a LOT of meat for parties and tournaments that we hold at our business. I used to do this with a 22" WSM with DigiQ, that worked very well, but it it much easier doing this...
  7. cuebiz

    Maverick 733 instructions

    I had 2 732s, and kept losing signals. I bought a 733 and have never lost a signal yet!  As far as the alarms, I don't need them. I took the time to "max" them out to the highest and the lowest settings. Now when I use them (I bought another one) I don't have to go through the complicated set...
  8. cuebiz

    Maverick ET 732 wireless distance

    I will also add the fact that the bells and warnings on the 733 are worthless to me. All I want is temp readings, so I maxed all the settings out so that I won't here them go off. It will remember those settings and now it is just like the 732 with better signal.  Dave
  9. cuebiz

    Maverick ET 732 wireless distance

    I've had 2 732's, and both would not keep a signal in my computer room (opposite corner of a smaller house). I recently bought the 733 from AMAZEN website, and have used it a few times without a signal loss yet. Now I've ordered another one. This will be here Mon. I also have the IGrill 2, and...
  10. cuebiz

    Good-One Marshal or not???

    I have a question for The Good One owners. I am ready to purchase the Marshall, and was wondering about how to route the temp probes without damaging the cables. Any suggestions? I have only seen demos on utube and it never mentions that part.
  11. cuebiz


    They sell replacement lids for that machine, and I would think that would be the same as taking it off and cleaning it, if you really think that is necessary.
  12. cuebiz

    Some Prayers for Mrs Bear

    Definitely will say a prayer for her Bear.  Very best wishes for both of you!  
  13. cuebiz

    1rst Pastrami from corned beef flat

    Thanks to everybody for the "thumbs up" responses!  That piece of meat looked pretty lonely in that big ol WSM.  Next time I'll load her up!  This was a dual experiment, #1 being the meat, and #2  being the ATC.  I was very pleased with both. Thanks again               Dave.
  14. 1rst Pastrami from corned beef flat

    1rst Pastrami from corned beef flat

  15. cuebiz

    1rst Pastrami from corned beef flat

    I wanted to try my luck with some pastrami. I was looking around on this site for a way to accomplish that. There are a lot of good tips on this topic.  I had some time to try it on Sunday but was limited on what I had on hand for spices, and came across the thread from "smokin husker" to make...
  16. 1rst Pastrami Sndwich (2)Best Pic.jpg

    1rst Pastrami Sndwich (2)Best Pic.jpg

  17. 1rst Corned Beef Pastrami (3)Best Pic.jpg

    1rst Corned Beef Pastrami (3)Best Pic.jpg

  18. cuebiz

    Jacard Purchase?

    The Jaccard is a decent purchace for getting the job done. It is a little hard to clean because the needles are so close together. A good spray with a hose is probably the best way to get the thing clean. I have 2 of them.  We usually cut up 3 loins at a time for pork chop sandwiches at my...
  19. cuebiz

    MES 40 Gen II - Temperature issues GONE!

    I also have the WSD 1503 CPH controller. (1800 watt).   This is the best thing anyone can do for the MES.  The extra money was an issue, but I'm sure glad I decided to go this route.  I've also done the mailbox mod, and I can check on the AMNPS without opening the smoker door. That mod was very...
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