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  1. bigred77

    Cleanup in the field/@competition

    Anybody have any tricks or product they use to make cleanup easy away from home? I usually have water available, but almost would prefer some type of food safe wet wipe I could use to easily wipe down knives, cutting boards, hands and arms, etc. Anyone know of something like that, or have any...
  2. bigred77

    A new Weber?

    Have yall seen this? http://www.weber.com/grillofalifetime?utm_medium=rr-email&utm_campaign=grillofalifetime&utm_source=mailchimp Grill of a lifetime? Saw someone say it may be that weber is going to enter the ceramic/bge market
  3. bigred77

    Going out of town this weekend

    and I am figuring out this is a bad place to waste time on the internet when I am not going to be home for the weekend just sitting here poking around is making me want to check the freezer and get something out to cook  
  4. bigred77

    What to do with Brisket trimmings/fat

    I have always just thrown most of these away, giving some little pieces to my dog as I trim (she has been taught to stay out of the kitchen, but can spot a brisket coming in every time) I have known people who trim then lay the trimmings back on top of the brisket while cooking. Now I hear of...
  5. bigred77

    2nd shot at potatoes, with some other stuff on the smoker w/pics

    Trying my second shot at smoking potatoes. This time I poked a few holes in them all over with a fork, then coated in EVOO and sea salt Last time I did no poking and they took way longer than I anticipated and still had a couple of them need some microwave encouragement This time I tossed...
  6. bigred77

    Defrosting a Brisket

    Poor planning on my part. Been thinking about doing a brisket Sunday but couldnt decide. Now its Saturday at noon and I have two packers in the deep freeze and its 31 degrees outside. Should I: A) Bring a frozen one in the house and lay on the counter hoping it will get defrosted in time to...
  7. bigred77

    Franklin and Mueller discuss brisket

    Thought this was a pretty good little article, worth sharing. Franklin and Mueller are pretty much Gods in the world of Texas briskets ...
  8. bigred77

    Anybody ever seen one of these? / Name that smoker

    we call her R2D2......and she is an old old gal My dad gave her to me and he had it when I was born in 1978, have had to replace the heating element in her more than once through the years,the last time was a few years ago after he had given her to me and I almost cried when I thought I wasnt...
  9. bigred77

    Wife said she wanted a brisket for V-Day

    So I made her a brisket along with beer butt chicken, a couple of fat steaks smoked, and decided to experiment with smoking potatoes and some tomatoes, onion and jalapenos for salsa Planned timing was to be steak, chicken, potatoes and salsa ready for lunch, brisket to be ready for dinner ...
  10. bigred77

    Starting a competition/fundraiser help

    anybody have any experience, help, advice, or any links to help how to get started organizing a small competition? I am the head of a small volunteer fire department and have had the idea for a few years to have a cook-off as a fundraiser. Have thought about doing it as a neighborhood backyard...
  11. bigred77

    Texas Newb

    Found this place searching for ideas/ways to smoke russet potatoes, poked around a while and decided I may just have to hang out here more often. I currently live just southwest of Marble Falls, Texas in the beautiful hill country,  built my own smoker on a trailer about 7 years ago after...
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