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    make a flame grilled beer can chicken on my Gravity 560

    When it hit 140f I cranked it up to 390 so I could crisp up the skin. 10 minutes later alarm alarm alarm on my phone from my probe. There was a big flare up and the grill was at 475 with the chicken engulfed in flames. I don't have any fireproof gloves just pot holders and didn't know what to...
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    anyone use(d) Ridge Master charcoal from Aldi's?

    Was there a few days ago and saw 20lb bags for $6.99 can't find anything about it on Google, I would have bought some but I walked there and didn't feel like carrying a big bag home. If it's decent that's a damn good price.
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    Made beef back ribs for the 1st time

    I'm new to this so I still don't know exactly what's what. I saw a 2 pack at Ralphs and thought they would come out looking like those dino ribs. I was super hungry and looking so forward to these. Didn't have any pepper, so I used Lambert's Sweet Rub 'O Mine. 3 hours in the smoker and what came...
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    Looking at Fogo lump charcoal on Amazon

    I know a lot of people swear by this stuff, I'm looking at the 35lb bag on Amazon and they offer an "expert assembly" option for an additional $99. So for a C-Note more somebody will come fill up the hopper on my smoker? $99 was the same charge on there to have somebody come and assemble a...
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    New Ballastic BBQ video on YT - Greg recreates Ribs from Love's!

    Any members from So Cal who are over 40 should have memories of this BBQ restaurant. I don't know how many locations there were, but I do vividly remember the jingle on the radio. Greg got in contact with someone who use to be a pitmaster there and got some help recreating their sauce/glaze for...
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    Anyone used any of the Fire & Smoke Society sauces or rubs?

    I want to get into making my own, but I want to buy a bunch to see what I like and don't like so I have something to go on. I'm going to smoke my 1st pork shoulder in a few days. I'm not 100% sure but I think I want to go with a thinner Carolina vinegar sauce. In So Cal and am not seeing...
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    Question for anyone who makes chicken wings on a smoker

    I made wings for the 1st time on my smoker the other night. One of my roommates ask if I was trying to kill them with undercooked chicken. I explained the pink was the smoke ring, and thought I could find at least 1 photo on Google that would back up what I said. Which I could not, so they're...
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    made my 1st rack of ribs

    In an actual smoker, my roomie couldn't wait for my 560 to be delivered so 3 weeks ago they had me made baby back's in the oven. I used Lambert's Sweet Rub 'O Mine, and they came out fine. I'm kind of glad they pushed me to do that so I could have a fresh memory to...
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    1st cook in my 1st smoker :(

    Put my Masterbuilt 560 together on Tuesday night, but I was waiting for the weekend to fire it up for a meal. Since about a month ago when I decided to order one, I've been envisioning my 1st cook which would be a glorious rack of baby backs. With a side of homemade bbq bacon baked beans and...
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    Question for anyone who lives somewhere that gets really hot

    it was a fairly warm day in so cal yesterday. But nowhere near hot for here. It was around 85, I went outside and touching the side of my Masterbuilt 560 it was uncomfortably warm to the touch. I probably could have held my hand on it for 5 seconds before I had to pull away. It wasn’t on, this...
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    Charcoal question for anyone with a Masterbuilt 560

    So I know manufacturer claims are usually exaggerated, or outright lies. MB says 12-15 hours of fuel time when fully loaded. I watched a YT video where they did 3-2-1 ribs, with 3 hours at 200 and 1 at 225 he was already needing to add more charcoal. I figured MB's 12-15 claim was way...
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    Glazed Doughnut burger

    At the fairs, at least the ones in So Cal you see a few booths with glazed doughnut burgers. It always sounded weird to me, I love both, but together? I dunno. But I decided to try one, and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I'd go over the top and make some home made brown sugar Bacon...
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    Pepperoni pizza I made

    Ooni Koda oven dough was First Street high gluten flour 58% hydration 20% Sourdough starter 2.7% salt 2% olive oil 2% sugar .18g IDY 2 day cold fermentation Stanislaus 7/11 Ground Tomatoes No. 10 Dietz & Watson Pepperoni stick sliced 2mm thick in my Breville Sous Chef food processor. Galbani...
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    Maple Sausage waffle breakfast sandwich.

    I didn't actually make waffles, I used can biscuits and basic jimmy dean maple sausage and cooked everything on my Cuisinart double flip waffle maker. I did it all at once, biscuits on 1 side and turned it and did the bacon and eggs on the flip. Very fast and pretty tasty, would have been better...
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    question about LS Mod's 560 griddle shroud for Masterbuilt Gravity's

    So maybe I just don't understand how these things work, I thought the heat going straight up will have an effect cooking on a griddle? To explain I have a 560 coming, if I throw a Lodge reversible stove top griddle on there to make smash burgers I'm going to get basically the same results as...
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    I got this the other day and 2 things I can't figure out, 1 on iOS should the Inkbird Pro app work? From what I've read the BBQ Go is the old app and the Inkbird Pro app's newer. But the IBP app doesn't detect my unit. Is it for the wifi model only? If it should work, is there any reason to use...
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    Got 2 new knives, here's a picture

    TL;DNR I paid too much for Chinese knives that are pretending to be good Japanese knives. Oh and here's a pic of them. While I'm not a knife fanatic, I do really like a nice one. I currently use Global knives which I love, I just ordered my 1st smoker and since I don't have a boning knife and...
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    Want to buy a smoker, a few questions.

    I've never owned one, but recently got the BBQ bug and now I can't live without buying one. I did a lot of research and thought I had decided on the Camp Chef Woodwin 20 or 24, or Grilla Siver Bac. But then on YT I stumbled upon a video for the Masterbuild Gravity. I did a lot of video watching...
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    New guy from So Cal

    I'm in Riverside, and after way too long am finally getting around to buying and learning how to use a smoker. I cook a lot but it's either indoors or on my outdoor propane pizza oven. Anyways, tomorrow I'm ordering a Masterbuilt Gravity 800 but it won't be delivered until probably the 25th, so...
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