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  1. daricksta

    First MES smoke

    Dan,what was your setpoint temp? Did i stay constant or did it fluctuate throughout the smoke? I have the original version of your smoker, which has a different internal design. I keep the top vent wide open, and I don't use the mailbox mod. Leaving the top vent closed might lead to over smoked...
  2. daricksta

    Brisket Moist and Juicy at slicing, then dried out!

    I think my last brisket was cooked to 203°, but in my little MES 30 it still came out slightly underdone since there was still pink in the meat. I had made pastrami out of it. The sliced meat was moist but, of course, dried out in the fridge. My rehydrating trick was to put a few slices in a...
  3. daricksta

    Smoker 65, Midwestern Gal

    Why didn't you smoke the turkey in your Oklahoma Joe? How'd the turkey turn out? I also like to use cherry wood chips with poultry when I'm grilling over charcoal in my Weber kettle grill. Otherwise, for my MES 30 I only use wood pellets.
  4. daricksta

    Beginner Electric Smoker

    I highly recommend you buy a smoking therm like a Maverick or a ThermoWorks or some Bluetooth model, depending on your budget. Depending on the size of the brisket flat, it can take 12-20 hours to cook it to the proper IT (I pull them at about 201-203°). The stall itself hits around 160-170 and...
  5. daricksta

    Beginner Electric Smoker

    @awesomepssum, the MES 30 is a great beginner's smoker, and you got one at a great price. When mine finally stops working or I can afford to buy a new smoker and wish to stay with Masterbuilts, I would upgrade to a 40 inch. But since I usually only cook for 2-3 people, my MES 30 is more than big...
  6. daricksta

    Just purchased MES40 2.5 Gen...now what to make?

    I think I started off with baby back ribs. I bought a MES 30 6 years ago. Started off using wood chips and quickly switched to wood pellets after reading a number of posts on SMF. That one change upped my smoking game immensely.
  7. daricksta

    Beginner Electric Smoker

    Did you decide on a purchase? With MES smokers, you really need to know your model numbers because the smokers may vary in quality. I have a MES 30 that's 6 years old and still working like a champ. Have only needed to get a new controller a couple of years ago.
  8. daricksta

    Buck Board Bacon aka BBB, Back Bacon, Butt Bacon. Whatever you call it, it's Good !!

    Wow, Gary, just amazing. I also never heard of BBB till just now. My own plan for next year is to buy some pork belly from Costco and smoke and slice my own bacon.
  9. daricksta

    New Member From Yucaipa Calif

    Howdy from Washington state. You've got some fine rigs there. I've been smoking for 6 years. Still have my original--and only--smoker, a 30" Masterbuilt electric digital smoker. I only use wood pellets with the A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker and a smaller version in which I use Dust. Occasionally I'll...
  10. daricksta

    Christmas 2018

    Really impressive. Where do you find the time? I was hoping to at least smoke some cheeses and/or beef jerky for Christmas but for a variety of reasons it won't be happening this year. So, if you have any unclaimed extras...
  11. daricksta

    Newborn baby girl

    Congratulations! My first child was a girl. Many men think (like I did) they want a son first, but what we really need is a girl first. And wouldn't you know it? SHE'S the one interested in learning to smoke and grill, and not my son. Actually, she's already taught herself the grilling part.
  12. daricksta

    First Time Roast Beef

    What a beautiful use of eye of round roast.
  13. daricksta

    Team 275

    @dr k, I found your first post. I'm going to test out 275, but I've been doing naked smokes for awhile now. I really don't think wraps are needed. That being said, if I go through with a brisket throwdown that my nephew has challenged me to I'm breaking out the butcher paper when the brisket...
  14. daricksta

    Team 275

    Kurt, I don't have the thing for my 22.5" Weber kettle grill like you do, but you've convinced me to give 275° a try with my next hot smoke. It's just that I've been so indoctrinated by all the smoking books I own that set the temps between 200-250°. I still keep the water bowl underneath the...
  15. daricksta

    Team 275

    @dr k, I bought the Costco packer once--so far. I highly recommend it!
  16. daricksta

    Team 275

    What did I miss? What's Team 275? A group of smokers who only smoke at 275°F?
  17. daricksta

    Team 275

    Great looking ribs, Kurt. In my house I am FORCED to slather some BBQ sauce on the ribs in the last 20 minutes or so. My wife and son prefer that texture to bark. I admit that I like the "skin" and sheen of the baked-on BBQ sauce as well. Otherwise, at the dinner table the sauce remains on the...
  18. daricksta

    Brisket First Attemp

    I relate to your post on three levels. My last couple of briskets were smoked unwrapped but I'm going back to using butcher paper for the next one. And yep the teeth on home slicer blades are sharp. I've got stuck by mine once Hope the super glue worked on your cut. Trimming the fat is a...
  19. daricksta

    Masturbuilt CS kit vs A-Maze-n pellet tray???

    i've rarely used the pecan wood pellets I bought from him. I just seem to always reach for the hickory, oak, or apple. I got myself involved in a whole packer brisket throwdown with nephew who insists that pecan is used in Texas BBQ. I didn't bother to argue. I like oak marries well with...
  20. daricksta

    Masturbuilt CS kit vs A-Maze-n pellet tray???

    I might be overthinking this, but I just want to make it clear I have no connection to A-MAZE-N other than being an extremely satisfied customer of about 6 years. Todd's products and his advice helped me develop my smoking skills so that I consider myself a pretty good and knowledgeable smoker...
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