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  1. denappy

    Smoked chicken legs

    Brined for 5hrs; salt, apple vinegar, garlic and my favorite rub. Smoked at 275f until IT hits 170 ( like them done). Using apple wood for the smoke Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. denappy

    Pecans and Almonds

    Smoking some pecans and almonds this morning. Coated them with some butter, seasoned salt, sugar, chipotle and some onion powder. Smoking at 215f with apple wood Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. denappy

    Blue Cheese and String Cheese

    Never thought of trying to smoke blue cheese, definitely going to try that one!!
  4. denappy


    Welcome from Colorado; this is a great place with great ideas and folks that are happy to help!
  5. denappy

    Pepper & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Rolls..

    Those are some good looking chucks of goodness!
  6. denappy

    Smoking Cheese

    All you need to cold smoke is the AMNPS, it should not got too hot, but if it does, add a tray of ice; just monitor your interior temp and you'll be fine.  With you'r MES you may have to crack the door to insure good air flow for the AMNPS.  I've used mine (not in a MES) to smoke cheese and it...
  7. denappy

    Perfecting my smoked Salmon

    I like the idea of glazing it again after smoking, will have to try that!  Great looking fish!
  8. denappy

    Did my first fattie!

    Looks great, I'm sure it tastes great too!  I love smoking fatties and having them for breakfast!
  9. denappy

    My winter smoke today with Q-view

    That's a big dinner!  Good job and looks great!
  10. denappy

    New To The Site

    Welcome Denver, from Golden.  Nice looking fattie; what Gary said - what did you put in it!
  11. denappy

    anyone know anything about smoking pizza

    Would agree with others, probably not going to get hot enough.  Could try smoking the fixings for the pizza though - sausage, cheese, onions, peppers, ham, bacon....dang I'm hungry now...
  12. denappy


    Sorry for your loss, our family's thoughts are with you.
  13. denappy

    Winter Smoking

    You should be fine, I'm smoking a chuckie and a flat iron and it's a balmy 14F outside.
  14. denappy

    Yum Yum Smoke Cheese

    Great looking cheese and some nice toys there too!
  15. denappy

    first time cheese smoker here!!!!!!!!!

    Great looking cheese, remember to let the "age" for a couple of weeks - they really do get better as they sit!!  Well done!
  16. denappy

    Fatties for the 1st time

    I sliced up one of these and vacuum packed it into the freezer.  Decided to have one for breakfast this morning.  Took the bag from the freezer, dropped into a pot of boiling water for 30 minutes -  it was like they were fresh out of the smoker!  I am definitely hooked on these!!
  17. denappy

    For The Love Of Snails!

    I can say I've never tried them, but your Qviews make them look great!  May have to add that to my list!
  18. denappy

    New to smoking. Any help or advice would save me a little sanity.

    Welcome, you've come to the right place; lots of great ideas and folks willing to help here!  Stick with it, you'll love the results!
  19. denappy

    Smoked Rib Steak

    Great looking steaks and what a meal!  Well done!
  20. denappy

    off duty

    Howdy from Colorado, lots of great stuff here and plenty of folks who can help!!
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